Past Events

We are including the text of past talks and descriptions of past events so that you will have an idea of the range of our events. If there is interest in any one of these, please contact us to see if we can present it again in your area.



Auld Lang Syne


Nightmare or Dream?


Tattoos and Ripped Jeans


Survive or Thrive?


Beyond the Illusion




It’s an Illusion!


Half and Half

Life Changes

My Halloween Horror


What is Mine to Do?

Learning to Recognize Ego

Feeling Lost

Seeking the Invisible

The Magic of Intuition

Go Deeper

My Next Adventure

The Next Step

Finding Our Way

Paying Attention to Intention


Meeting Adversity in Spritual Ways

Embodying the Golden Age (Part 3)

Entering the Golden Age (Part 2)

Entering the Golden Age

Raising Our Vibrations - A Spiritual Practice
Accepting Our Innocence
Travels with Gale


Steal this Rock


Mastership 2010


Mastership 2011


What Do We Do When Things Fall Apart?


Starting the Shift


The Gift of Sleeping in Church


A Celebration of Infinite Love



A Mystical Approach to Teaching and Learning


Other Events

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Vortex Gatherings



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