Entering the Golden Age

(Part 2)

I am a Mystic but I spent the first part of my life as an Engineer. You will see evidence of my Engineering background and experience in my talk today. I would like to emphasize that Engineers are interested in what works and what gives desirable results. Engineers ask How? They usually don’t care why something works or try to develop a deeper understanding of abstract concepts. Scientists do that and ask Why?


A Mystic seeks a direct connection with Spirit. Thus I get most of my Spiritual information by meditating, paying attention and using intuition. Not so much by reading or following other people. My mission is to create change on this planet through my own consciousness for the greater good of all.


I gave my first Golden Age talk at this Church in November 2016.

This talk focused on my theory that one way to enter the Golden Age is to raise the vibration of our Physical Body. This theory is based on my Best Guess. The text of that talk and the text of this talk are posted on my Serendipity Website. So you can read what I intended to say.


Once we focus on something we become more aware of it and anything related to it. For example, ever decided to buy a specific vehicle? Eventually you start seeing them everywhere, it seems like everyone but you has one.


What happens in our lives is not random. So by paying attention to what happens we start to get clues.


Since November, some of us have focused on the Golden Age has anyone become more aware of what it might be like? Any clues about what is going on?


This talk, which I call Part 2, is about what has happened. What we have become aware of since Part 1 in November.


Lets start with a review of Part 1: This theory can be explained in three words: Happy, Inside, and Connect.


The first word is Happy.

Our bodies are changing from a carbon based to a crystalline-based structure. Changing to a crystalline-based structure will allow our body to move to higher vibrations than ever before. This change in our bodies requires little effort on our part. Our part is to be Happy.


The second word is Inside.


Inside we have what I call the Soul Essence. This is the spark, which was spun off from the Divine eons ago. It is the Light that is inside of us and it contains Peace, Joy, Love, Creativity, Life Energy, and more. It contains what we often look for in the outer world.


The third word is Connect (to Spirit).


To illustrate three increasing ways to connect, we imagined that I gave everyone an electric car (Leaf) and we explored how connecting at three different levels made a radical difference in how fast the car would charge. Our conclusion was we needed Level III charging to make it to Portland in a reasonable time.


In a similar way, there are now three levels that we can use to connect to Spirit. Each level is at a higher energy. I used a Van de Graaff generator to demonstrate how much different the results can be with higher energy. I think that this difference is very important so we will repeat the demonstration.


This light bulb (a compact florescent bulb) represents my Soul Essence. My grandson, Glenn, will help demonstrate one way we can connect to this light bulb to a source of power.


Warning: No electronics within about a 10-foot radius. This includes cell phones, pace makers, and possibly keyless entry fobs.


(The light bulb is screwed into a socket at the end of a wooden dowel. A wire runs from a ground on the generator to the socket. As the light bulb is brought near the aluminum dome on the top of the generator, a bolt of electricity jumps from the dome to the glass on the light bulb. This causes a momentary flash of light. Once a charge is built up again, it will again cause a bolt of electricity. This miniature lighting bolt can be up to an inch or more long.)


Notice that we don’t need a wire from the dome to the light bulb, and that the electricity goes right through the air and the glass of the bulb. The wire along the dowel is a ground to keep the electricity from flowing through Glenn. (After turning off the generator, the light bulb may still light when I touch it as I am grounding a built up charge, which can result in a mild shock.)


This is an example of connecting in a new way: a way that probably most of us would not have thought of. And that different unexpected things can happen when higher energy is involved.


Level I is what we all have. It is our birthright.


Level II is what we can have through Jesus, Buddha, other avatars, and our Higher Self.


Level III is now available to us as our bodies change to a crystalline-based structure.


Now for Part 2 – what can be added?


Lets add the word Aware


As an illustration, I am going to give out some money. I am going to give some to Glen. I handed him a dollar. Now how could you tell? By direct and indirect observation, as well as experience. Some of you saw it (direct), some of you heard what was going on (indirect), and through experience Glen, as well as you, know what a US dollar looks like as well as what it can be used for. Now I am going to give $5 to our oldest daughter, Lisa. Once again we have direct and indirect observation, as well as experience. So who is next? Anna volunteers. I wave the bill in the air and then hand it to her, asking her to announce how much it is. (A one million dollar bill.) Again, we know what happened and what it means. (The conclusion is that it is a fake.) Now lets imagine that I put $10,000 by direct deposit in each family account. What could that be used for? If any of you are having trouble imagining uses, ask other family members. But other than my telling you, how would you know sitting right here in Church? (You would not know and you would have to check only by indirect means.)


This is an illustration of what I heard from one source. That we are already in the Golden Age. So how will we know? By indirect means. By being Aware. The same source said that at this point, the Golden Age might seem a little tarnished.


So how do we become aware of the Golden Age? My theory is still the same, by raising our vibrations. Specifically, by raising the vibration of our Physical Body. How long? The time is difficult to predict, but one good estimate is about 2 years.


I have some charts of Visions that I have received. I don’t know if the information that I get is just for me, for a few, or for many. That of course is up to you to decide. I often say that my intuition – in this case visions – are very accurate. But my interpretation of them can sometimes be really off.


The first is a Sail Boat. My interpretation is that the sail is our mind and the boat is our body. The way the sailboat makes progress is by the sail being connected to the boat. So I need to stay in my body – not go off soaring or astro-traveling.


The second is a Banana. My interpretation is that the peel is my physical body (and mental, emotional bodies, etc.) and the center is my Soul. What is real, what is eternal, what counts, is my Soul. It is important that I realize that the peel is only temporally important, and some day will be discarded.


The third is My Path. I see it as upward between two areas of chaos. My interpretation is not to be distracted and spend any time in the chaos to the right and to the left. I can see them and be aware of them, but don’t enter them. I am reminded that I get credit for resisting temptation only if it is tempting.


Reaching from a Boat. Suppose I am reaching for something overhead while standing in a boat. Two things can help me reach it. One is stretching myself. The other is if the water rises. My interpretation is this is what I am doing in my life. I are stretching myself individually but also raising the level of the water. This is a powerful image for the workshops. I love it when people find what I teach worth repeating and even incorporating into their daily practice. By I also need to realize and honor that each person is helping all of us just by showing up.


Thanks to Rev. Karen and Dave Hamilton, we completed the Prosperity Plus program by Mary Morrissey. I now realize that much of what I learned can be applied to Entering the Golden Age. Three main points come to mind:


According to Mary, our dream is at a higher vibration. We cannot reach it by just remaining as we are. So in reaching for our dream, we are seeking to move to a higher vibration.


We don’t need to know how we are going to achieve our dream. How is up to the Divine.


We need to commit to our dream. Once we commit, then the Universe will provide.


I have chosen Commit because I feel that it means more than committing to our dream – in my case Entering the Golden Age. I think that it also means that I need to commit to my Spiritual Path: to not be distracted by the World and do what is mine to do.


I have had a number of experiences recently that have reinforced my belief that we are Entering the Golden Age and that we can do this.




In preparing for a trip to South America, I had the feeling that I needed to spend a number of days on a separate adventure. By the time of the trip, I had arranged for four of us to have some days on our own. I had known about this for months, but had only a vague idea of where we should go (south I thought), and what we would do. Most of all, I had no arrangements for a guide, a driver, accommodations, and meals. I was really staring to panic when we were in Bolivia (La Paz) and would be setting out on our own within a day or two. We four would stay in Bolivia, while the others returned to Peru. The three others were counting on me – and I had no clue! I noticed that one of them, my friend Greg, was really calm. I told him I was panicked, and how could he be so calm? His response was, “You have a good track record.” Later as I was meditating, I realized that I had not said YES. So I did that and in about 45 minutes we had arranged everything that we needed including putting down a deposit. I was totally amazed.


That is one reason that I can stand in front of you today and talk about my Best Guess as to how to enter the Golden Age – I have (in the words of Greg) “a good track record.”


In Review: Happy (change from carbon based to crystalline), Inside (our Soul Essence), Connect (our Soul Essence to Spirit), Aware (the Golden Age is here), Commit (to what is important, Entering the Golden Age).


After the talk in November, there was a workshop where we used a method to experienced connecting to Spirit on three levers. Today’s workshop will expand on that method to empower us to raise our vibrations even higher.


Meditation: Moving into the future. Making this smoother with the sound of the crystal didgeridoo.