A Celebration of Infinte Love

In 1977, Paul Simon wrote and performed the song Slip
Slidin’ Away
, the end of the song goes like this:

We work at our jobs, collect our pay

Believe we’re gliding down the highway but in fact we’re slip sliding away

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away,

You know the nearer your destination the more you’re slip sliding away

To me, this is a vivid description of life. That we work and work toward a destination, only to find when we reach it, that we have been sacrificing the things that really matter.

As an example: One of the things that I observed at work was individuals who worked long hours to support their family, only to discover that being gone the long hours had adversely affected their family.

How do we avoid slip sliding away? I feel that taking time to gather like this is one of them. By being in a spiritual place with our spiritual family, we can gain perspective. We can nourish our soul instead of our body.

We can share things like stories, music, visions, and inspiration. We can be in the presence of those that are consciously on their spiritual path. Those people who are following their passion, their mission, their feelings and who have found their bright shinning path amid the darkness. To me this is a step beyond reading or learning about Jesus, Buddha, or other enlightened beings. It is about becoming one, even if in only a very small way or for a very short time.

I want to tell you about one of the people who is an inspiration in my life and about her work. Her name is Antonia Albano. Antonia and her husband Barney Brown live in Virginia. The last two years, she has come out here to share a week with me. This is a time when we work together to shine light on our spiritual paths. This is a time to share what we have learned and to support each other on listening to what has been called the still, quiet voice within. I will say more about this later.

Antonia asked that she be able to give something and leave something to make a difference; something from her uniqueness before she leaves the Earth. Her passion has been life, people, beauty, and music, or in a single word, Love.

Two years ago, she was given the symbol that is now called Infinite Love. She was told that this beautiful symbol is a new sacred geometry form for God/Pure Love/Creation.

Infinite Love Symbol

I am very honored to have Antonia’s permission to introduce this symbol today. The symbol is in two parts, one is in a golden mean or ratio and the second part is an infinite open heart. The two parts rotate in opposite directions creating the vibration of Infinite Love. The golden infinite spins to the left (counter-clockwise looking down from above), the infinite heart to the right (clockwise looking down).

I have some cards, a more detailed description of the story, and suggestions on how to use the symbol. All of these were created by Antonia and sent to us to share today.

I cannot describe, tell the story, or convey the symbol the way that Antonia can. I feel that it is truly her calling. However, I can bring the symbol to you and let it speak to those who feel its call and a presence through it.

The effect of this symbol and what it conveys has been eloquently described by Antonia and others. They have said things like:

“The symbol has a very feminine energy.”

“It is a balance to masculine energy.

“Almost immediately my whole being felt intensely attracted to the symbol, and fed by it. It was an essence that my being needed for nourishment.”

Celebration in Virginia

On St. Valentine’s Day last year, a group of 5 people met in Virginia at Antonia & Barney’s and helped bring the presence of Infinite Love into the physical. This year a much larger group, including people from the West Coast, Canada, and the East met at a new retreat facility being created by Barney and Antonia on 250 acres in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I was there and conducted two workshops as well as an all day seminar. It was a great honor as this was not only the first use of the facility, but also the start of an incredible Celebration. The Day of the Heart Celebration on Feb. 16, 2006. (Show folder.)

After I arrived at the Retreat, in meditation the next morning, I got three things.

1. Energy

2. Plant the seed.

3. Be coming

I felt that Energy meant that I was to help create the energy in the new meeting room through the workshops and seminar. My impression is that is what happened.

The seed might refer to several things. I am not sure which. I don’t know what Be coming means, perhaps someone here might help me with that one.

It was an incredible week. In addition to the Retreat Facilities, which consist of five log cabins dating from 1776-1890, there is a hilltop with a territorial view and a Vortex. It is on this hilltop Vortex where Antonia plans to erect a physical symbol of magnificent proportions and a reflecting pool. We gathered a number of several times at the Vortex. This hilltop Vortex was the focus of the celebration on St. Valentine’s Day

When I heard that my dear friend Licia from Portland would be coming, I knew that this was an important event. Licia is very tuned in and so busy that she only attends events that are really significant.

For me, one of the most incredible experiences that I had was shortly after I arrived when I heard that Licia said, ”what we are doing (that is, bringing in Infinite Love) will support the upcoming wave of change in Washington, DC.” I felt chills when I heard this and at the same time realized that we were very close to Washington, DC. I got a second chill, when someone observed that Carole Glenn, who also was at the Celebration, would be spending a day in D.C. visiting Congress.

One morning, in meditation, I asked, “How can the Infinite Love Symbol affect the political situation in Washington D. C.?” What I heard was, currently things are approached on the basis of fear, hate, retribution, protection, safety, and emotions like that. What can happen is that we can approach things on the basis of Love, actually Infinite Love. The work that ex-President Jimmy Carter has done would be an example of using this approach.

On the way to Virginia, I flew through Chicago, but on the way home I had chosen to fly through Washington, DC. Because of mechanical problems with two airplanes, I spent 7 hours at Dulles airport instead of the planned 2 hours. After being there for 3 hours, it suddenly dawned on me that I could anchor the Infinite Love Symbol there in Washington, DC. Who knows? If I had caught on sooner, perhaps I would not have had to spend such a long time there.

One participant from Seattle wrote of time in Virginia: “I am profoundly changed from the experience. How I am different I do not know yet! I feel more and sense the bigness of my presence. We truly shared an extraordinary time. We spent time touching into energy that is waiting to connect with us and the World!”

Bringing it Home

One lesson that I learned as an Engineer is: Technology rides on technology. Better materials allowed the development of better machines, better machines allowed more time for learning, more learning allows more time to develop even better materials and even better machines.

Our spiritual lives can be like this. Earlier I spoke of how Antonia has flown out here from Virginia for two straight years and dedicated a week to working together on our spiritual journeys. As a result of her being here, I developed advanced seminars that included my latest discoveries. In turn, she has received information on the symbol that you hold in your hands. She will be coming out here again in April for the third time. I hope that some of you will get the chance to meet her in person and share if the Infinite Love Symbol has touched you in some way.

My dear friend Barry had his head and body crushed flat in an industrial accident. He experienced and I believe directed a miraculous healing. Today, looking at him, you would never believe that he was never expected to walk or function normally again. Barry was with us in Virginia and says:

“This marriage of the heart symbol and the golden mean infinity symbol that make up Antonia’s sacred geometry form, can be applied towards healing ...  It is an understatement to say that I incorporated components of this symbol into my healing processes…”

The symbol and its energy are now spreading through this group. I feel that energy, that vibration can activate and support you in your spiritual journey and that spreading it will help others. To support that process, we will be focusing on the symbol in today’s meditation.

In being here and being present to share our truth, I know that we are not Slip Sliding Away.


Form a circle.

Place drawing (Infinite Love Symbol) and Dorje* in the center

Remember that we are one. We are all connected by Love.

One of my earliest memories of a Sunday sermon was titled “Have you Left Room for God?

That is my intention at this time.

We have created the physical space.

We have shown up.

We are creating the space in time.

Now is the time to pay attention, to open up our awareness to our inner senses.

What is the color, the feeling, the taste, the smell, the touch, and the sound, of Infinite Love?

I trust that we will leave this service today feeling uplifted and more empowered to shine the light coming through us into the World.


* A Dorje is the Tibetan Buddhist symbol for the Truth that is behind the physical world.

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