The Magic of Intuition

Intuition is very important. The old hymn (that Carole just sang), Open My Eyes contains the verse, “Place in my hands the wonderful key - That shall unlock and set me free." For me, Intuition has been that key.


When he was young, Steve Jobs made a trip to India. Later he said, “The people in the … [countryside in India] … don’t use their intellect like we do, they use their intuition instead, and their intuition is far more developed than in the rest of the world. Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my option. That’s had a big impact on my work.”


I like to start out with a joke. I heard this joke back in the 60’s. A man was walking down a city street and came upon a hippy that was singing, chanting, and doing some sort of ceremony. The man stopped and after watching for a while said, “I have no idea what you are doing. Can you tell me what it is?” And the hippy said, “Keeping elephants away.” And the man said, "That is ridiculous, it won’t work." And the hippy said, “Of course it works, do you see any elephants?”


Every so often I will be doing something and wonder, “Am I just keeping elephants away? How can I know that what I am doing is effective?” The answer to this and many other questions can be found by using Intuition.

What is Intuition? One definition: “It is the feeling (often subtle) beneath the surface that that ultimately points us to truth without the need for reason.”


Is Intuition unconscious knowledge that sometimes surfaces, or can it be summoned at will? I believe that the answer to both is Yes. Sometimes an Intuitive answer just surfaces and, if we know that this can happen and we are paying attention, we find it. But, we can consciously access Intuition if we create the opportunity for it to surface. In this way, we can have what might be called “Proactive Intuition.” A conscious way to find Intuitive Answers.


Carole and I have a workshop on the web at our 2012NBeyond website. Here is some of the information. Look there for more detail.


We list and discuss over 30 intuitive methods - most of these methods came from a forum in this Church where about 20 people listed intuitive methods that had worked for them. These are in no particular order:





Paying Attention

A Flash of Intuition

Looking for Signs

Heart Intelligence




Subconscious Mind

Super conscious Mind





Crystal Ball

Tea Leaves



I Ching


Angels, Guides, and Ancestors

Tarot (And Other Cards)



Vortexes (And Power Places)

Sensing Energy

Becoming Aware of Our True Self (Soul)

Combined Intuitive Methods


The workshop includes ways to develop these and make them more effective. Such as:

Developing a scale

Recognizing Ego

Working with others


Is Intuition always right? My experience is Yes.


Recently I realized that Intuition is a way for the Holy Spirit to reach me.


How about when Intuition doesn’t seem to work?

In our workshop, we discuss some reasons why it may not seem to work

Trying to use our intuition for others - expand

Thinking we know Why

Asking the wrong questions


Carole’s Mother, June, was my mentor. She said, “Always seek the Highest Good.” Often there is more than one good way, but Intuition can help find the Highest Good. I believe that this is very important.


So where is the Magic in Intuition? For me, it comes through making intuitive decisions that not logical, and having an unexpected, amazing outcome. One example is my first trip to Asia. Over a period of about six months I received a number of intuitive clues that I was being called to go to Nepal in search of a Buddhist Monastery, somewhere on the way to Mt. Everest. I was working full time as an Engineer, had a family with a wife and three children, had never been to Asia, had no interest in Buddhism, and at first, did not have enough money to go. Plus the trip would take about four or five weeks. In short, the whole idea was crazy. I mentioned to one of my mentors that I felt I was being called to go to Nepal and he said, “I felt a similar call to go to Amdo Province in Tibet.” What happened?” I asked. “Nothing,” he said, “I never went.” I knew in that moment that I had to go. My story could not be that I didn’t go.


What you might expect next is that everything fell into place for me to go. And in a way that is true. But not without a lot of work and a lot of what could be called “gentle testing.” For example, I had a plane ticket to Bangkok, but the airlines when on strike not long before I was to leave. I knew that I would have to trek at high altitude for days and my back went out, I could hardly walk. I had a called and made a reservation at a lodge in Bangkok, but would arrive after midnight when they were closed. So they said that they would “leave the key out.” There was a long list of these “gentle tests.” Most people would call them clear reasons for not going, or clear messages that I should not go. However, each time I asked, my intuition said to go.


So what about the gentle tests? The airlines strike settled a few days before I left. When I got on the 747, there were so many empty seats that I could lay down across them and sleep. My back cleared before I left and I accomplished a trek that was probably the most physically demanding thing that I have done. When I got to Bangkok, the entrance to the lodge was down a back alley, the door was locked, and I could not find the key. As I stood around with my entire luggage, in the dark alley, two German guys eventually showed up from a night on the town. They had a key and when they went in I followed. I could not find any note or sign, so I spent my first night in Asia sleeping on top of a dinning table. Fortunately I had a Themorest mattress.


On this trip, I traveled alone and didn’t know what to do. So I used my intuition. It was quite easy in a way. There was no alternative, I was totally out of my comfort zone (different culture, religions, languages, etc.) and I was really focused. I had an incredible magical time for the whole five weeks.


Another example of a Magical experience was on my way home from Asia. The return trip was back through Bangkok, but I arrived late at night and left early the next morning. I knew that there was a hotel at the airport, but it was really expensive. So long before I was to head home, I started asking, “should I make a reservation at the airport hotel?” The answer kept coming back, “No.” This did not make any sense. So I kept asking. Every time, I got “No.


As a Virgo and a planner, I was very concerned. But I had learned to follow my Intuition. So when I left Nepal, I had no reservation for that night. As I was leaving for the airport, the Hotel Manager, a wonderful Tibetan Woman who had become a dear friend, asked if some doctors could ride to the airport with me. I said sure. They had been on a humanitarian trip to Nepal and were returning to the USA. So all three doctors and all their medical gear went with me to the airport. When they found out I had no place to stay, they invited me to stay with them as they had an available bed. I still shake my head when I remember this Magical experience. The short version is that I spent a comfortable night at the expensive hotel, had help with my luggage when I left at 4 am, and it was free.


On my way home from Asia, I asked myself, Why isn’t my regular life like this? I found out that it was, I just hadn’t been paying attention. I hadn’t been listening to my Intuition. If I listen to my Intuition, my life is filled with Magic.


Two things are happening that I feel really call for use of our Intuition. The first I will call, Information Overload.


Due to the Internet and highly portable technology, we have access to information 24/7. Since this allows anyone to originate information and broadcast it worldwide, information is growing exponentially. And the loss of journalists and journalistic sources means a loss of trusted and responsible sources. It also means that there are so many sources that you and I are probably not getting the same information. And some if not much of that information is biased or even not true.


So how can we tell what is true for us? We can use our Intuition. As an example, I get a lot of emails everyday. Most of them are slanted toward what I am interested in, or what I tend to believe. So I use a scale where 10 is neutral. Those that my Intuition says are below 10, I don’t act on. Those well those well below 10, I just delete without reading. Those above 10, I read and those well above 10, I act on. I do read emails from friends, but may not read what they forward. I seldom forward emails. Why, because remember, our intuition tends to tell us what is important for us. That does not mean that it is important or true for someone else.


The second thing that has happened is the Pandemic. This has raised important questions like: Should I go (for example, to the store) or stay home? Should I wear a mask, use gloves, or allow individuals to come to our home?


This has kept me calm and peaceful during the Pandemic. Sometimes I wonder, “Am I just keeping elephants away?” However, my experience over decades is that my Intuition can make the difference, if I remember to ask.


What do I think are the important things in this talk?

Intuition can arise up unexpectedly. So it is important to pay attention.

Intuition can be accessed consciously. Develop proactive intuitive methods.

Use these methods to find the Highest Good. This can help with Information Overload and the Pandemic.

Remember there are pitfalls when using Intuition (such as we don’t know why, it may not work well for others, and Ego).

We have a free Intuition workshop (on this website).


(With the sound of the box didgeridoos that tend to open the heart)


One way to consciously access Intuition is taught by HeartMath. The heart has nerve cells around it like the brain. In fact, some traditions say that the heart and not the brain is our connection to Spirit. So this can be a powerful way to access Intuition. I use it every day during my morning meditation.


During this meditation, I like to place my hand over my heart.

We will focus on the heart,

Breathe through the heart,

Feel heart appreciation – for this I like to think of an object that I appreciate

Open to heart wisdom – remember that we have inner senses that correspond to the five outer senses so we may see, hear, feel, taste or smell something


Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale, feel yourself relaxing. Take a second deep breath and as you exhale, feel yourself relaxing further. Take a third deep breath, and as you exhale, feel yourself relaxing even further.


Focus on you heart.

Breathe through your heart.

Feel heart appreciation.

Open to heart wisdom.


When you are ready, just open your eyes.


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