Entering the Golden Age

As most of you know, I was an Engineer and now I am a Mystic. My wife was instrumental and supportive in my transition from an Engineer to a Mystic. I am very grateful to her and I want to be sure that you know she is not responsible in any way for what I might do or say.


I like simple and seek direct information by meditating and paying attention. Spirit (GOD) communicates with us in our own language, through familiar things and events.


Most people are surprised when I say that I am a Mystic, so I would like to share some wisdom with you from one of my mentors, Swami Beyondananda. The Swami says that there are two types of Mystics - pessimistics and optimistics. Now pessimistics are more in touch with reality, but optimistics have more fun and live longer. I hope that you start to think of yourselves as Mystics – optimistics.


The Golden Age comes from Greek mythology in that we go through different ages identified by metals: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and then Iron. Each age is worse than the one before. In our present day culture, we use Golden Age to describe better times in the past. Thus we talk about the Golden Age of Radio or the Golden Age of Hollywood. However, there are theories that the ages go in cycles. Thus the Golden Age will return after the Iron Age. So when I speak of entering the Golden age, I am talking about a future return to a time when of peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.


What I will present today is my theory based on what I call Best Guess. My theory is that we can enter the upcoming Golden Age by raising our vibrations.


This theory can be explained in three words: Happy, Inside, and Connect.


The first word is Happy.

In my previous talks here, I mentioned that our bodies are changing from a carbon based to a crystalline-based structure. Changing to a crystalline-based structure will allow our body to move to higher vibrations than ever before. This change in our bodies requires little effort on our part. Our part is to be Happy.


So we started this service with a practice that helps us be happy. And thanks to our musician (Derek Olsen) we have been singing happy songs. To add to that, I would like to tell the following joke:


There was a man who had a talking dog. Not only could this dog talk, but also it was also very intelligent. Since the man lived alone, he and the dog often had long discussions about what they had heard on the radio or watched on television. One day the man walked to the bank to get some cash and he took the dog with him. On the way back, he stopped at a bar. After a few drinks he happened to mention something that the dog had said. This stopped the conversation and he had to admit the he had a talking dog. One of his friends found this so preposterous that it ended up in a $200 bet. So the man asked his dog to talk about what he liked on TV. The dog said nothing. Then he asked the dog to just talk to his friend about football. Still the dog said nothing. Finally the man asked the dog to say anything, but the dog remained quiet. After paying the bet he and his dog left the bar. Once they were outside the man asked the dog, “Why didn’t you say something?” And the dog replied, “Think of the odds we’ll get next time.”


We have chosen to be here at this time of change. It is like getting on an airplane. Once we are on it, there is little we need to do for all of us to get to the destination.


The second word is Inside.


Inside we have what I call the Soul Essence. This is the spark, which was spun off from the Divine eons ago. It is the Light that is inside of us and it contains Peace, Joy, Love, Creativity, Life Energy, and more. It contains what we often look for in the outer world.


Today I will use this light bulb (a compact florescent bulb) to represent my Soul Essence. My grandson, Austin, will help demonstrate one way we can connect to this light bulb to a source of power.


The demonstration uses a Van de Graaff generator. (Good to have low humidity and a dark room.)


Warning: No electronics within about a 10-foot radius. This includes cell phones, pace makers, and possibly keyless entry fogs.


(The light bulb is screwed into a socket at the end of a wooden dowel. A wire runs from a ground on the generator to the socket. As the light bulb is brought near the aluminum dome on the top of the generator, a bolt of electricity jumps from the dome to the glass on the light bulb. This causes a momentary flash of light. Once a charge is built up again, it will again cause a bolt of electricity. This miniature lighting bolt can be up to an inch or more long.)


Notice that we don’t need a wire from the dome to the light bulb, and that the electricity goes right through the glass of the bulb. The wire along the dowel is a ground to keep the electricity from flowing through Austin. (After turning off the generator, the light bulb may still light when I touch it as I am grounding a built up charge, which can result in a mild shock.)


This is an example of connecting in a new way: a way that probably most of us would not have thought of.


The third word is Connect.


I will use an electric car as an example of different ways to connect. Imagine that I have given each of you an electric car, a Nissan Leaf. It can be any color that you want; ours is red. Lets use our imaginations to drive to Portland. We will have to charge along the way. Here is a Power Point presentation to illustrate how you can connect to charge your Leaf.


Power Point Presentation - how to connect your Leaf to the Grid. (In the middle of the front of the leaf is a charging port. When the lid is open, two charging ports are visible which are covered with lids. One is larger than the other. There are three levels of charging, Level I, Level II and Level III. Level I uses a regular plug like we are used to and comes with the Leaf. Level II uses a special plug in the smaller port and Level III a larger plug in the larger port. A picture of a Level II charger and a Level III charger are shown at Tumwater – the first place that we will charge. The Level III charger is much larger. The bottom line is that (to reach Portland) will take 2.5 days using Level I, 8 – 10 hours using Level II, and 1.5 – 2 hours with Level III. The conclusion is we want to use Level III chargers.)


My theory is that, like the LEAF, we have three Levels of connecting. What are these Levels?


Level I is what we all have. It is our birthright.


Level II is what we can have through Jesus. Rev. Karen talked about this last Sunday. The Bible tells us that Jesus said he was the vine and we are the branches. The Bible also tells us that he came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly.


Level III is now available to us as our bodies change to a crystalline-based structure.


What happens when we are connected? Our Auras become stronger and more filled with Light. My theory is that there is more power flowing to our Soul Essence and more power to raise our vibrations.


So my theory is that entering the Golden Age is like the trip to Portland, except we are the vehicles, the Golden Age is our goal, and Spirit is the Grid.


In Review: Happy (change from carbon based to crystalline), Inside (our Soul Essence), Connect (how our Soul Essence can be connected to Spirit) and a way to more quickly reach the Golden Age


Well, this talk may seem a little weird, but it is good to remember that the word weird comes from an Old English word spelled with a Y that means Spiritual. What I like about my theory is that my goals do not depend on believing in changing to a crystalline structure or that there is a Golden Age coming. Being Happy is a very good way to live life and I can feel the good inside and feel more alive when I connect. The difference is that I consider these to be Spiritual Practices.


Workshop after the talk: Raising our Vibrations


Meditation: Getting in touch with our Soul Essence. (Inside) A meditation like this can be found on my Purple CD (Soul Healing with the Didgeridoo).


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