Starting the Shift

Welcome to 2012. Like other years that are etched in our culture (1984, 2000) and events (the age of Aquarius, the harmonic conversion) it is strange to actually be here wondering what will happen? What is happening now and over the next few years?


Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way that we expect. I am reminded of the words of one of my favorite country songs:


Flowers and wine

is what I thought I would find,

when I came home from working tonight.

Well, now here I stand

over this fryin' pan,

and you want a cold one again.


I bought these new heels,

did my nails, had my hair done just right.

I thought this new dress was a sure bet

for romance tonight.

Well it's perfectly clear,

between the TV and beer,

I won't get so much as a kiss.

As I head for the door,

I turn around to be sure,

did I shave my legs for this?


I don’t know about you, but like the song, my life is certainly turning out differently than I prepared for.


Today I will be talking about three pillars of experience in my life that support my conclusion that we are going to go through a shift. I will also introduce a path to consciously starting the shift.


The first pillar comes from my engineering experience.


I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and after a few years at Boeing, I went to work for the Navy in the Shipyard at Bremerton. There I took additional training and became a Nuclear Engineer, with a career that spanned over three decades. Just over halfway through my career, I had a chance to become part of a team that performed the first disposal of a Navy Submarine Reactor Compartment. It was a new job, working in a new group, and very different from what I had been doing for 16 years. I had become a recognized expert on one aspect of Nuclear Work and had a rewarding and successful career. This new project had never been done before and involved work that was very different from much of our experience, and extremely different from my experience. I would have to give up what I was used to and take on a lot of work. But I decided to do it.


The part of the submarine containing the Reactor Compartment was removed from the submarine, sealed up like a tin can, shipped on a barge from Bremerton, down the coast, up the Columbia River, unloaded on to a huge trailer, and transported 26 miles to a burial trench. The first one was in 1986 and by the time I retired in 2003, 109 more reactors were shipped using the same conservative and environmentally responsible methods that we developed. Here is what we called “the green book” that includes a complete description with photographs of the process.


What I want to share with you is the story behind this success. When you do something that has never been done before, the process can be daunting. There are many problems that have to be solved. The team in our department for the first project involved 7 or 8 people, but only two of us were assigned to it full time. I worked very hard, living, breathing, and even dreaming at night about the project. What I want to emphasize is that two people did the core part of the work. Now a lot of people were involved, and some of them did very important parts of the project. We could not have done it without them and some of them played very key roles. However, in summary, two of us were the core of the team. That is why I am comfortable with only two being the core of a team preparing for the shift.


The second pillar is playing the didgeridoo.


When we were in Australia for two weeks, I wanted to get three things: a hat, a CD of Christmas music, and a didgeridoo. I had no idea of why I wanted a didgeridoo. By following my spiritual path, I finally found one at the last minute. But I could not make a decent sound. After I got home, I realized that I had paid almost $300 for it and decided that I had better try to play it. I made the commitment to play it every day. By doing that, I eventually could make a decent sound. However, to really play, it is necessary to learn circular breathing. Working on my own, I found this next to impossible. Then by following my intuition, I learned circular breathing. The story of how this happened is on our 2012 website.


Since then the didgeridoo has become a very important part of my journey. In summary, I can play the didgeridoo because of following intuition and being persistent. In a similar way, by following intuition and being persistent, I believe that I have found a way into the shift and that I am to help others find it too.


The third pillar is my trip to Nepal.


During the time that I was an engineer, I also became aware that the World was not what I thought. This primarily came through meditation and help from my wife. Slowly, starting in Spring of 1997, a series of clues indicated that I was being called to go to a monastery high in the Himalayas, on the way to Mt. Everest but not on the direct trail. I had never been to Asia, had a wife, three children, a farm, and a full time job. One day, I told Kay about the clues that seemed to lead to a conclusion to go to a far off land in search of a monastery that I was not even sure existed. I thought that it was all very strange and was uncertain what to do. She asked, “So what makes you think that you are not being called?” I said, “Nothing. Nothing makes me think that I am not being called.


So in 1998 I traveled to Nepal on my own and that really changed my life. Leaving my engineering, left brained, logical world, I opened to intuition and the unknown. As the plane was taking off from SeaTac, I thought, “This is it, no turning back now.” In that instant I changed from being an engineer to being a mystic. I found the monastery and spent 13 days there. On the way home, I looked back on the magical journey and asked, “Why isn’t my life at home like that?” I found that it is, I just had not been paying attention to my intuition.


One time when I was speaking to a college class about my trip to Nepal, one of the students said, “You were just meant to go!” I thought about all the difficulties I had to overcome, coming up with the money, getting 5 weeks off from work, getting into shape, learning Tibetan, getting sick and back trouble before I left, an airline strike, etc. Recognizing how difficult all this was, I said, “No, I was meant to have the opportunity.


In summary, by following my intuition, I went to the other side of the world in search of something that might not even exist, based on my Best Guess. I found that it not only existed, but that it changed my life. The conclusion that there is a coming shift and a way to move into to it are also based on my intuition and Best Guess.


Of course, I am not the only one in this congregation that has stepped out into the unknown by following their intuition. I know that a number of you have. One is Marcia Hill. Another is Pam Cameron. Please raise your hand if you too have stepped out into the unknown by following your intuition.


Here is a description of Mesa, the book that Pam wrote:


“Mesa is a compelling story, awakening us to the possibilities now presenting themselves. This true spiritual adventure will challenge your understanding about the importance of following spiritual guidance, the power of dreams, the significance of intuition, and the nature of reality. It is a story about the Light Activation of Earth, a dramatic shift bringing us new senses and capabilities which will affect the evolution of our species.”


In Pam’s book, one of her guides is the Ashtar Command. Ashtar is a group of beings that are in charge of the Earth, and includes the Archangel Michael, and Jesus. The information from other people that have connected to Ashtar, agrees with what Pam has written: that a light grid that has been installed around the Earth to lift it and us to a new level of consciousness. This might be the shift or at least is part of the shift.


Intuition does not just mean a gut feeling or listening to guides. Intuition can come in many ways. A few years ago, we held a forum here at the Church and our small group of people came up with a list of about 30 different intuitive methods that they had used.


So what was the first step in each of the three pillars? To take the limited information available to me and Make The Decision to Proceed. In all three cases, I don’t feel that I was meant to do them. I felt that I was meant to have the opportunity.


In the same way, I feel that I have the opportunity to consciously move into the shift and help others do the same. That is my Best Guess.


As many of you know, Carole Glenn and I have a Workshop on the web at 2012NBeyond.com that is about preparing for this time. This process is given on the website. It is a simple but powerful process. It is based on what is eternal (our Soul) and using intuition to follow it.


Here is a chart that shows the steps that I followed to start the shift. In November, two others followed them and it worked. One person had attended most of my classes, the other none


I remember hearing that the Buddha said, “This a way that I have found.” I really liked that. Not the way, but a way. This is a way that I have found.


In her book, Mesa, Pam tells the story of how she was called to lead a group of people to anchor the Light Grid at a specific place in New Mexico. At that time, she and Fred were living in California. In a similar way, I feel that some of us are being called to enter the New Reality to anchor the Light Grid. I am hopeful that a few of you will feel called.


I talked of three pillars, so in relating Pam’s work, I am saying that this calling of going into the New Reality is a parallel experience to her calling. I feel that I had a parallel experience in 2000, when I took a group of people to Tibet. Tibet is an occupied country, where I had never been, spoke only a little of the language, and counted on my intuition, which said that I was called to go there. That turned out to be an amazing adventure and confirmation of my intuition.


James Redfield who wrote The Celestine Prophecy has a new book, The Twelfth Insight. In this book he talks about the approach of forming groups and the power of these groups to bring about change for all by raising the consciousness of the group. I feel we are called to do the same thing, and that is what we are doing in this Church. I am very grateful to this congregation in many ways.


I once invited a friend to come with us on a journey. She said, “What does your intuition say I should do?” My answer was, “My intuition says to offer you the opportunity. Your part is to decide what is right for you.”


Recently I received this information from Ashtar: A powerful place to be is:


I don’t know.

I Surrender.

I am open.


I don’t know if it is necessary to go through all of the steps on the Chart. I surrender to whatever happens. I am open to stepping out and doing it.


So I have scheduled a seminar for this coming Friday and Saturday at Carole Glenn’s house. On Friday night, there will be an introduction for about 2 hours where we will talk about these steps and answer questions. Friday night will start at 6 pm. On Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm we will do the steps. The seminar is open to anyone who is interested. It is not necessary to attend Friday night to attend on Saturday. The cost is by donation. This and more are posted on our schedule on the web.


During one of my morning meditations I was complaining about how much I had to do and I heard, “What makes you think that this will be easy? People in the past have had to step out and in some cases were killed – but not destroyed. Has your past life always been easy? You have always had enough, but not always what you wanted. If you want easy – Quit. If you want satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, happiness … persist through the challenges.”


I hope that some of you will join me this coming Friday night and/or Saturday. This will offer an opportunity to hear more, ask questions, and decide what is right for you.


I once asked Ashtar when the shift would take place, and I heard. “See that smoke detector, and see that fire extinguisher? So when’s the fire?” I realized that we had no idea, but that these were steps that we took in preparation. Ashtar then said, “In a similar way prepare for the shift; the timing is up to The ONE.”


Well as you head for the door,

Turn around to be sure,

Did I shave my legs for this?


Or perhaps, did I come to Church for this?


Or even better, did I come to Earth for this?


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