Accepting Our Innocence

I want to thank Peggy Muncaster for inviting me to be here. Peggy and I have been friends for many years, and have had a number of adventures together with our meditation group to places like New Zealand, India, and South America.


In addition to today’s talk, I will be leading two workshops. One is here at the Church tomorrow night at 7 pm. This workshop is for the Women’s group but they have invited men to join them. The second workshop will be at Peggy’s house Tuesday evening at 7pm. The workshops are open to anyone and are by donation. Please consider showing up, as now is a special opportunity for us to be together.


Thank you for being here today and please feel free to ask me any questions, share any thoughts, or for more didgeridoo after the service.


I want to be sure to mention these things now because as part of today’s talk I will be playing the didgeridoo. When I play the didgeridoo, I often get into a space where it is difficult to remember things. The didgeridoo will be used in both workshops. If I am playing too loud, too close, or anything like that, please give me a signal. I am here to help you with Sound Healing. By Sound Healing, I am not talking about fixing something that is broken, I am taking about helping us get in touch with the perfection that we already have inside.


Today I am going to talk about gardening.


Think about the process that we use to grow plants. We clear an area and prepare the soil. Then we plant a seed and nurture it. As it grows, we remove the weeds and make sure that the plant gets plenty of water and light. With care, the seed grows into a fully developed plant.


We can use a similar process in our spiritual lives. We clear the area around us of things and people that inhibit our spiritual growth. We find the things and people that support our spiritual growth. (That is one reason that we are here in this Church today.) We remove the weeds, and strive to stay in the light.


While this may not be a perfect analogy, it is an easy one to remember and it can keep help us moving in the right direction.


So what is the seed? I would say the Soul, and suggest that within the Soul is the Soul Essence. Eons ago we were spun off as sparks from the Divine. This spark can be called our Soul Essence and just like a seed; I believe that it contains everything that we need. Over the eons, clouds of emotions, clouds of memories, and other energies have hidden our Soul and our Soul Essence.


One of the most important steps in gardening is weeding. That is identifying plants that are not what we want and removing them. Weeding is also one of the most important steps in spiritual growth. So how do we learn to identify the weeds in our spiritual garden? One powerful way is to pay attention to feelings and emotions. In meditation, I was reminded that Feelings are the Language of the Soul. So for several weeks I went around trying to identify and listen to my feelings. But it seemed to me to be confusing. Then I heard, Emotions tend to come from the Ego. So then I was better able decide if what I was experiencing was a feeling or if it was an emotion. This took some practice, but it is now one way I have of weeding my spiritual garden. I pay attention to feelings, which often can be very subtle, and use them to help me make decisions. I also pay attention to my emotions, and I strive not to make decisions based on my emotions.


Some of the energies that can hide our Soul can come our culture. We are affected at deep and often unconscious levels by our culture. One example is blame. Something is our fault - or we point the finger at someone else. This can lead to guilt. Is guilt a feeling or an emotion? I believe that it is an emotion. Blame can cause us to feel guilty because we are human. So it is not OK for me to use guilt as a basis for a decision.


From the Buddhist Tradition comes the thought that Blame is never useful. When I first heard this I did not think that it was totally true. However over time, I have decided that it is true for me. Is there something that can replace this old paradigm of blame and guilt? One suggestion is to recognize responsibility. If we can recognize what we are responsible for, we can then take steps to improve. We can feel good about doing things better rather than feeling bad due to blame and guilt.


Fear and anger are powerful emotions. I decided many years ago not to make decisions based on fear, and that changed my life. Using my feelings and intuition can help me decide to do something or not. If I experience fear about a decision, this can be a good reason for taking precautions and for learning more about how to proceed. But fear is not a good reason to change that decision.


Recognizing that we are both Human and Divine, it is good to remember that our innocence, our Divine nature, can be hidden by our Humanity. We can nurture our Light within by remembering our spiritual garden.


One of the things that I do, I call Sound Healing.


The sound of the didgeridoo can help dissolve blocks and allow energy to flow. Many of the things that come from our Human experience can create energy blocks. I love the didgeridoo because it can affect Body, Mind, and Spirit. My intention is to play the frequencies that will help you be more in tune with your Soul Essence. This means that what I play may sound different for each person.


I will now hold the intention to play the didgeridoo in ways that will help our Divine Nature, our Soul Essence, shine through. 


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