Seeking the Invisible

We live in the Physical Dimension: the World of the five senses. There are other dimensions. For example, the Spiritual Dimension, which is invisible and contains my Spiritual Path. This is one reason I come to this Church, for your help and support in finding my Spiritual Path. So together we are “Seeking the Invisible.”

Today when I talk about seeking the invisible, I am talking about seeking the Spiritual Dimension. I want to note that there is an invisible dimension that we are very familiar with. That is the Mental Dimension. We are so familiar with it and use it so much, that it is easy to just accept it. However, it is an example of how important and powerful invisible dimensions can be.


Generally I will be speaking about my own experiences and my own thoughts. I have been told that my purpose in this life is to find what works for me, and then share it with others. So listen to what works for me, and consider if it might work for you. Feel free to set aside what doesn’t fit. There are many paths and what is right for one, might not be right for another.


Travel has been a big part of my journey. Especially traveling in Foreign Countries. Experiencing other cultures, other religions, other languages, other races, and other food. Differences like these have been life changing.


At a Spiritual Expo in San Francisco, I attended at lecture by a woman named Judith Conrad. She offered everyone at her lecture a free 15-minute session, so I sign up for one. After all, it was free! However, when I sat down for my session, she pulled out a deck of Tarot cards. I had always avoided Tarot and I thought, “Oh Bother!” However, it was free and I had already agreed to a session, so I did not say anything. Looking at the cards, Judith told me “You are being called to go on a Vision Quest.” I thought, “Vision Quest, I don’t have time for a Vision Quest!” However, my perception eventually changed and about six months later I went alone on a 5-day Vision Quest. On that Vision Quest it became clearer that I was being called to go to Nepal. My major lesson from those 5 days was: “I am fooled by the Physical.”

I have spoken before about my first trip to Asia. It was a Spiritual Journey where I set off alone searching for a Tibetan Monastery in Nepal. My “Best Guess” was that the Tibetan Monastery was somewhere near the route to Mt. Everest. To prepare for the trip I did as much research as possible before I left. One thing I found out was, to support reaching Mr. Everest, an airstrip was built near the small town of Lukla. Flying from Kathmandu to Lukla eliminates an all-day bus ride over rough roads and over a week of trekking up and down over high, steep, ridges. Just reaching Lukla this way is a significant ordeal, and the reason why almost everyone going to Everest flies from Kathmandu to Lukla. However, my intuition seemed to keep saying that I would need to do the trek to Lukla. Why? I didn’t have a clue. Maybe the monastery was on this part of the journey? So I prepared myself to take this trek.


My route was to fly from Seattle to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Bangkok, stay overnight, and then fly from Bangkok to Kathmandu. Kathmandu was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before! It was an unbelievable assault on the senses and completely different from here. I spent days settling in and getting used to finding my away around. I kept checking my intuition for clues on my Spiritual Journey. One day, I was very excited to get the answer that I should fly to Lukla. So I bought a ticket and a few days later, headed for the airport. Flying to Lukla was very different. Due to the rugged terrain and altitude, the twin-prop, 22-passenger plane is limited to 18 people. I remember watching as my backpack was carefully weighted. Fortunately it was just under the limit. I saw a modern looking X-ray machine for screening luggage. And was able to watch as my pack was put on the machine, only to be picked up a moment later and loaded on a cart, never having been run through the machine. The X-ray was just being used as a table! I did not find that reassuring. The planes fly back and forth to Lukla several times a day. Shortly after out plane arrived from Lukla and was unloaded, we walked out to the steps and climbed aboard at the rear of the plane. There was a seat on each side of the aisle and it was easy to look down the aisle, through an open door, into the cockpit and out the front windshield. As a pilot, I have flown small single engine airplanes so I knew something about what I could see. I have never had the opportunity to sit in a passenger seat and see the pilot’s view out the front window. When the engines started up, it was very noisy. A woman walked down the aisle with a tray. She was wearing what I would call a sari, what many Nepalese women wear. It took me a moment to realize that she was a flight attendant. On the tray were small wrapped pieces of candy and small balls of cotton candy. She was offering them to each person as she walked down the aisle. Not everyone was taking them, but when she got to me, I took some. I was wondering what these would be like. The wrapped piece had no English on the wrapper, and looked unlike anything I had seen before. However, this was an adventure, so I ate it and it sort of tasted like candy. It was OK. Just as I was starting to pop the cotton candy into my mouth, I noticed a man in front of me. He was pushing a piece of cotton candy into his ear. I suddenly realized that these were cotton balls! And that they were intended for ear plugs! I stopped my hand in mid-air and trying to look like I knew what I was doing, and switched to putting one in each ear.


I can still feel the shock I felt from this rude awakening.


So what lessons did I learn from the cotton candy?

1. I am conditioned by experience. I may not recognize something new. Things may not be what I think they are.

2. I miss can things because of Distractions.

For example, I was in a very different environment and there were a lot of unknowns about my journey, which gave rise to concern and worry.


At the beginning of this talk, I mentioned that I come to this Church, for your help and support in finding my Spiritual Path. Together we are “Seeking the Invisible.”


How can seek the invisible Spiritual Dimension? By paying attention to our inner senses. There are five inner senses that correspond to our outer senses. There is also an inner sense of “knowing.” I am very grateful for the classes taught by June d’Estelle, Carole Glenn’s mother. These classes helped me become aware of, and develop my inner senses. Carole now teaches these classes.


Intuition is another way of seeking the invisible. My last talk was the “Magic of Intuition.” Paying attention to, and improving your intuition can be a very powerful way to be in touch with the invisible.


In addition, we also can pay attention to our “feelings.” People often talk about having a “gut feeling.” This can be intuition. It is said that, “Feelings are the language of the Soul.” There can be some confusion in this area, because emotions and feelings can sometimes be similar. However, while Feelings come from the Soul, “Emotions tend to come from the Ego.”


We can also look for friends, or groups that are working to seek the invisible; that are seeking to get more in touch with the Spiritual Dimension. That is what I value in a Church group.


So how do we do that better? How can we find more powerful ways to be in touch with the Spiritual Dimension and our Spiritual path?


1. Recognize that what we are seeking is invisible. This is difficult because our culture discounts that which cannot be detected by the five physical senses. We also honor what has gone before, what has become accepted. Physical things like books, videos, talks, and music can help us go from the visible to the invisible. However, they also become an end in themselves. Like words, these can help point us at the truth, but they are not the Truth.


2. Surround ourselves with people who seek the invisible. This can be our Church, our Alohem meditation group, and other Spiritual Friends.


3. Remember the lessons of the Cotton Candy. That is, we are conditioned by our experience and are surrounded by distractions. As a result, we can be fooled by the Physical.


4. Learn to use and improve our Intuition. Always seeking the Highest Good. I have found that my intuition is always right. However, my interpretation of it can sometimes be really bad. Finding others who also use their intuition can be helpful. Remember that our intuition may not be accurate for others. But by working on our Intuition together, we can help each other.


Here is an illustration of how we can help each other. Our meditation group traveled for weeks in South America. Carole, Kay and I often work together using our intuition to make decisions. While in our group in South America, we would share when we made intuitive decisions and encourage others to use their intuition. Greg was my roommate, and I was really trying to encourage him to use his intuition. One day in Bolivia, we were trying to decide on a restaurant for lunch. We stood outside of one, and my intuition said that it would be good. Carole checked with her pendulum and got that, yes, that we should eat there. I asked Greg and he said that he wasn’t sure. So we looked inside. It looked OK, but Greg asked that we go outside. Outside we checked again and got the same answers. Finally Greg said, “You know, everything tells me that we should not eat here.” So Carole and I rechecked our intuitive answers and they had changed. The answers were clearly Not to eat at that restaurant. So we asked Greg to find a restaurant. He quickly did, and we had one of the best lunches of our trip.

Later I decided that the reason this happened was so that Greg could learn to listen to his own intuition, no matter what ours said.


The purpose of my talk today, is to set the stage for our meditation. Together we will Seek the Invisible.


Group Meditation – Gratitude


It was during my visit to sacred temples that I was introduced to the concept of preparing oneself before entering. Perhaps covering the head, removing shoes and socks, and washing the feet. Today will use this concept and our powers of visualization and creation


We start by creating Sacred Space

Imagine, visualize that we are all part of a large circle

Visualize a hollow column of Light – any color you wish

The column is centered over the middle of the circle

It is higher than your head & in front of you

The column descends, 1-2-3, there is a wall of Light in front of you

The Light has the following characteristics:

Energy outside that is not needed will easily bounce off.

Energy inside that is not needed will easily pass out through the wall.

Any energy outside that is needed will easily pass in through the wall.

The space inside the columns of light is completely protected.


Add about 4 additional hollow columns that are slightly larger and slide over the first column. Each column protects on a different dimension.

The last column has multiple layers – just the number of layers we need.


Now we will prepare ourselves before we enter.

1. See the Violet Flame of St. Germaine start burning below you and it rises up removing Fear. As any Fear burns away, you may become more aware of the Light that is you. Of what I call, our Soul Essence.

2. Remember that we are fooled by the physical. So even if I have a broken ankle and can only walk with crutches, in the Invisible, I can be Spirit. I can fly and be with any other Spirit.

3. Remember something you are grateful for. Then notice that gratitude is a feeling. It is the language of the Soul. Become gratitude and see a door open in the wall.

Enter the Hollow columns of Light. Be aware that all of us are entering this space.

We are totally surrounded and protected by columns of Light, except at the top and bottom. Now bring down the most Brilliant White Light that you can imagine. The White Light dissolves what we don’t need and strengthens what we do need, until everything is sparkling like diamonds.


We have created sacred space in the Invisible.
Friends, guides, ancestors, and others who are with us are here.


Open to your inner senses and Be.


Our group is present both in the visible and in the invisible. If you open your eyes, you may see others in the physical, and then close your eyes and be with their Spirit in the Invisible. In this way, our consciousness can go between dimensions.


Feel thankful, a feeling of the Soul. Become thankful, become the feeling.


When you are ready, allow your awareness to return to your physical body, remember that you are Spirit as you open your eyes.



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