Mastership 2010

Talk for Winter Mastership (Dec. 28, 2010)


I am going to talk about what I feel is the most important recent information that is now part of our Workshop on the web. Carole and I (with Kay's secret assistance) have developed a Workshop at 2012NBeyond.com. The Workshop is about preparing for the upcoming shift that is referred to as 2012. We have included some of the prophecies and the basic teaching of how we can make it through the shift regardless of what happens. The basic approach is to develop our intuition to make decisions. Using our intuition and getting in touch with our Soul will get us through whatever happens.


The Workshop has four levels. There is a Home Level and a First Level that are available to anyone. There is also a Second Level and a Third Level that are accessible with passwords. So everything is there, you just will not see it until you contact us for passwords as you work through the material. The website has grown significantly during the last year and site maps have been added to help navigate each level.


The subjects that contain recent information are Meditation Levels, Creating Vortexes to Reduce Earthquakes, Changing Chakras to Spheres, and Bringing in the Light.


Meditation Levels: In our workshop, meditation is presented as an intuitive method in itself and also as a gateway to other intuitive methods. For these reasons and many others, meditation can be extremely valuable. Because of how meditation has incredibly changed our lives and your lives, our workshop contains specific, practical ways to make meditation easier and more powerful.

The brain frequency levels measured by science can be used to designate meditation Levels. These are Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Simple methods for reaching progressively deeper levels are part of the workshop as follows: Alpha is given in the First Level; Theta in the Second Level; Delta and Gamma in the Third Level.

While years of training, practice, and techniques have been traditionally used to reach these levels, the authors experience and expectations are that simple methods are all that are needed, and that benefits are gained through practice. In adding this information to the web, we were encouraged to develop our own techniques and other than using June's work for Alpha, you will not find this information elsewhere. I strongly recommend you take a look at this material for your own meditations and also as a possibility to support your work.


For more see: An Overview of Meditation


Creating Vortexes to Reduce Earthquakes: If a Vortex is created from the energy deep in the Earth (the source of earthquakes) then the Vortex can vent the energy and reduce the frequency and power of earthquakes. The vented energy can be used for healing, increasing intuition, meditation, or other uses. While it is possible that just establishing a Vortex (and leaving it open) will be enough to reduce earthquakes, it seems likely that having periodic gatherings is even better. A gathering is when people gather with the intention of venting the energy for the highest good and thus using it for healing, visions, etc. As many of you know, we had a Vortex and Vortex gatherings for years and were able to observe that this reduced the number of earthquakes and their intensity. Since some of the 2012 prophesies include earth changes it seems very important to create Vortexes to help reduce possible catastrophic effects. For those of us living in areas where there are earthquakes, this may be one of the most effective things that you can do to help others. Compassion for others is our job, not Mother Earth's.


For more see: Creating Vortexes to Reduce Earthquakes


Changing Chakras to Spheres: We are energetically connected to Spirit via the chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” because charkas are spinning wheels of energy. We are aligned with Spirit, so the Chakras are vertical (relative to the body). By following the steps in the Workshop, we can center all the chakras around the area of the Heart. We can then rotate the wheels into spheres. These fundamental changes affect the aura by bringing in more light and integrating bands. Changes in the aura will eventually affect our bodies (mental, emotional, etc.) with the physical seemly last.


On the website we have listed 12 significant benefits to making this change. Here is the first one: Before, when we moved our awareness to a chakra, we were moving away from our other chakras and their connections with Spirit. With all of the chakras having the same center, we need only to move our awareness to this center to be centered in all the chakras (or spheres) and centered in Spirit. I made this change about two years ago and have become more convinced as time goes on that it has great potential for easing us through changes in energy.


For more see: Centering and Changing the Chakras (to access this, you will need the password for the Third Level)


Bringing in the Light: Some years ago, I was directed, in meditation, to “Put all of Your Work on the Web for free.” I started doing this with reluctance, but over time, my reluctance has turned into happiness as I realize that this makes it available beyond what I imagined. While I still have a number of things to add, I recently experienced a first. For the first time, I put information for a new workshop on the web, before I conducted it. I am now going to conduct it for the second time.


All of what I will be presenting, except playing the didgeridoo, is in a new section of our Workshop: Bringing in the Light. It is the first link on the Home Page and we state - if you only do one thing, this is it


Although we do not have the same spiritual path, we can share the same spiritual task. The most important task is to Bring in the Light. While many will do this unconsciously, it is more powerful if we consciously come from the heart with intention. Now is the time to bring in as much Light as we can. So it is important that we accept this task and encourage others to accept it too. I know that each event we attend presents something to do every day and that there is not enough time in the day. Doing this is incredibly important, very easy, and already is a part of what we normally do. So it is possible to do it every day. The difference is doing it consciously.


There are many ways to bring in the Light. In a minute, I will present a simple way of setting the intention, clearing the field, and then grounding the Light, we call it Creating a Personal Vortex. Another way is to play an instrument or sing from your heart with intention. Whatever helps you be in your heart and doing it while holding the intention to bring in the Light will work, and you will become a Light Bearer. As a Light Bearer, you are empowered with the Light and are the anchor for the Light with every step that you take. So no matter where you are, you are being a portal - you are that inter-dimensional doorway bringing Light in, as you walk throughout your day. The planet will be able to then feel the balance from your being. It will help the Planet to heal and balance.


Here is how to Create a Personal Vortex (For more information and the same procedure see Creating a Personal Vortex):


(Clockwise - if you put your hand in front of you and move it to the right, this is the clockwise direction.


1. Focus on the clear intention of being in the heart with the highest good for all.


2. The first breath, affirm “I am Light” and as you blow out (from the core of your being), you see that breath blowing away in a clockwise direction, anything in you or in your field.


3. The second breath, affirm “I am Light” and see the clockwise energy blowing more away from your field.


4. The third breath, affirm “I am Light” and the explosive breath powerfully clears your field for a great distance.


5. Now you are standing in a clear space.


6. The first breath, affirm “I am Light” and as you blow out you see the Light coming down through you head, through your feet and spinning the Light down counterclockwise into the earth.


7. The second breath, affirm “I am Light” and see the highest Light coming down and the counterclockwise energy creating a Vortex of Light into the earth around you.


8. The third breath, affirm “I am Light” and the explosive breath powerfully connects Light from the central sun of creation to the central sun (core) of the Earth and opens the portal.


9. Develop an attitude of gratitude: say thank you for this blessing.


10. Since we have done this with more than one person, we have created a joint portal that we will close after finishing our work (we have created a Light Center). You do not need to do this if you are the only person, since you are the portal.


A Light Grid has been installed around the Earth and will be completely anchored soon. The purpose of this grid is to distribute Light to the planet and the beings on the planet for ascension. This ascension is not about leaving this planet to move on to the “next level.” It is about bringing us into the next level of consciousness here - in body and in form - on this planet.


Part of the effort of anchoring the grid was performed by a few people on top of a sacred mesa in New Mexico in 1991. Pam Cameron has described this amazing process in her book, Mesa. We have copies of Pam's Book available for anyone that would like one.


What I believe I heard in mediation is that the testing the grid started yesterday (12/27/10) at about 2% power up to an authorized 5% power and will continue through the first of the year. Powering the grid can be done in zones, and this will be done mostly in the daytime so that changes will not be as noticeable and less disturbing for sleep. The grid is about 97% complete. During this time, those who are more sensitive to changes in Spiritual Light (energy) may notice the effects.


The subjects that I have presented Meditation Levels, Creating Vortexes to Reduce Earthquakes, Changing Chakras to Spheres, and Bringing in the Light are not only the most recent information that we have added to the web, but also some of the most important.


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