Mastership 2011

Talk for Winter Mastership (Dec. 28, 2011)


My goals today are to introduce what I think will be my focus for the coming year, 2012 and to ask for your help. What I will present is a simple process to move from where we are into The Shift. This process does not depend on any specific prediction and works because it is based on listening to what we have that is eternal (the Soul). What I will present is a way to consciously start The Shift in our life by stepping into the New Reality


There are many that I wish to thank for helping me develop this process. They include Kay, Carole Glenn, June d’Estelle, Peggy Muncaster, Susan Austin, Sara Foster, Shelor Duffee, and many others, including guides, angels, and beings on other dimensions. I will talk of this as my work, because it is my Best Guess and it could be wrong or more likely incomplete. So I want to be clear that mistakes, misinterpretations etc. are my responsibility, however, I could not have done this without a lot of help, feedback, and encouragement.


In my morning meditation I was complaining about how much I had to do and I heard, “What makes you think that this will be easy? People in the past have had to step out and in some cases were killed – but not destroyed. Has your past life always been easy? You have always had enough, but not always what you wanted. If you want easy – Quit. If you want satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, happiness – persist through the challenges.” There were a number of encouragements during my morning meditation that support the decision to go ahead with this work. After my morning meditation, I finished putting the new information on the web. So I can now say that what I am about to present is now in our workshop on the web.


I remember hearing that the Buddha said, “This is a way that I have found.” I really liked that. Not the way, but a way.


Much of this talk is about my work. That is because most of my information comes from meditation and my experience, not from others. What I am starting to find out is what applies to others and what doesn’t.


To help put this procedure into to perspective, it may help to know more about my background.


I was once told that my work is in the unknown, and this really seems to be true. When working in the unknown, it is frequently necessary to proceed based on Best Guess. Sometimes, Best Guess is as good as it gets.


What I develop and teach is based on the way that I have come. This is like blazing a trail through the forest, that becomes a gravel road, is then paved, and eventually becomes a freeway.


I take what works for me and try it with others to find out what is universal.


In the computer world, people are now talking about “the Cloud”. I think that this is a parallel to how we are building a field to make processes easier and also to make The Shift.


My Best Guess is that we are to go through the Predicted Shift from the 4th World to the 5th World and that this process is a way to consciously step into that Shift


There are two things that are the basis of my life. These come from my engineering background. They are: Priorities (order of importance) and Procedures (How)


My engineering approach to my spiritual life is to Discover something, find out how to Measure it, find out how to Improve it, Measure the improvement, and then Repeat this process until I no longer measure an improvement. Of course as a mystic, this approach is tempered and guided by intuition.


We have two Websites, several CDs, and conduct events. I was told in meditation that everything is to be on the web and it is to be free or for donation. I was also told to use technology, so I am working on expanding the methods that we use.


Our two websites are:


2012NBeyond.com – This contains our free Workshop.


SerendipitySeminars.com – This contains our events, schedule, and now a newly added Esoteric Background section that has information behind our work. For example, here you can find my Master’s Thesis, which has detailed information on the Discovery and Investigation of the Soul Vibration.




I am now having a chart made to be a visual representation of our work and a map of a way to Step into The Shift. Here are the steps on the Chart:


Bringing in the Light – This is something that we are all doing. However in this section of the Workshop is a simple meditation to consciously bring in the Light by creating a personal Vortex.


Intuition – We believe that this is the basic skill needed for our journey. Using intuition gets us in touch with our Soul. Our Soul is eternal and will get us through whatever comes. Just this one part of the workshop has made a great difference in our lives (the authors of the workshop). Using intuition works well, unless we experience strong emotions. The purpose of our 1st CD is to clear emotions faster so that we can get back to using our intuition.


Meditation – Meditation is very powerful because it is a gateway for a number of intuitive methods. In our workshop we have included our simple methods for reaching Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma.


New Soul Vibration – This is the work that took me five years to accomplish and that I first taught in 1986 when the seminar required a weekend. The time required was reduced to 1 day in the 90’s, and now it can be done in minutes. This shows how processes speed up by building an energy field. The experiences that I have had with the Soul Vibration have convinced me of the value of starting with Best Guess and continuing to follow intuition to develop improvements in our energy system.


Light Body – The Etheric Body is the pattern for the physical body. However, the Etheric Body can be affected by emotions and other energies. Replacing the Etheric Body with the Light Body provides a more perfect pattern for the physical body.


New Chakras – We have the opportunity to open two new chakras, the Soul Chakra, and the Universe Chakra.


Soul Essence – When we were created, sparks of energy were spun off from the Divine. We call this energy our Soul Essence. The purpose of our 2nd CD is to help us get more in touch with our Soul Essence.


A New Reality – Here is a comparison of the two realities:


Old Reality


Based on Fear



Unconsciously Affecting the Quantum Field

Sacred Sound - Om


New Reality


Based on Love




Consciously Affecting the Quantum Field


Sacred Sound - Three Notes (1st track on our 2nd CD)


Filling the Soul Vibration – This is creating a full connection of the Soul Vibration in multiple dimensions, which increases our connection to the Divine.


Centering (and Changing) Chakras to Spheres Centering and changing the chakras to spheres is a powerful way to change the energy pattern of the body. This was discussed in detail in the 2010 Mastership talk and it can be read in the events section of SerendipitySeminars.com.


Proton Alignment – Aligning the body’s protons seems to reduce the loss of energy. This means that spiritual energy can be more effectively received and retained. While this can be done using a Bionic BandŽ, we have found that it is more powerfully and efficiently done with the mind.


Increasing the Soul Essence – We now have the opportunity to increase the power of our Soul Essence to support becoming more of who we were created to be.


Soul Union – Not Soul Retrieval, which reintegrates parts of the soul that were separated through trauma, but instead it is consciously connecting different manifestations of the Soul. The first step of this process is to search for the parts of the Soul. The second step is to consciously connect with them. It is a union in consciousness awareness, not a union by retrieving them to one manifestation (such as the conscious self, subconscious, etc).


Starting the Shift – Consciously stepping into the New Reality.


On Nov. 18 and 19 I taught a new seminar. On the evening of the 18th was an introduction and overview of this process. During the daylong seminar on the 19th, two people went through the process: one had done all previous seminars, the other had done none. Both of them stepped into the New Reality. This seminar may be my basic work in 2012. I believe that some of us are called to Start the Shift and I hope that the seminar and/or the Workshop on the web can help us accomplish this task.


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