Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

We do not know how significant 12/12/12 is, but we do know that if we hold the intention that it is special, it will be. So this is a gathering for people who are interested in coming together to create space and bring in the new.

Now is the time that the veils between dimensions are lifting and a New Reality is available. The New Reality is overlaying the Old Reality. One way to enter the New Reality is to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Even if we are already in the New Reality, it is easy to slip back into the Old Reality, so it will be good to consciously cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


Sound can help us open to higher dimensions. So the sound of the didgeridoo will be used with the intention of reaching higher dimensions. Group singing will also help bind us together to go higher.


A Mystical Circle will be created to open the door to Spirit. So be prepared to step out of your ordinary life and into the new.


This gathering is free and open to anyone who is interested. Part of the time will be a potluck dinner, so bring something to share. If you forget to prepare something, come anyway. There will be enough for all. Also feel free to show up whenever you can. If you can only be here for part of the time, know that you are welcome.


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