Raising Our Vibrations - A Spiritual Practice

Kay and I have long been members of this congregation. I speak and do workshops from time-to-time. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for your friendship and support.

I am a Mystic, but my education and 35 years of work experience was as an Engineer. My wife was instrumental and supportive in my transition from an Engineer to a Mystic. I am very grateful to her and I want to be sure that you know she is not responsible in any way for what I might do or say.

A Mystic seeks a direct connection to the Divine. My major source of information is via Intuition. The secret is to pay attention. Over time, I have found that what I receive is extremely accurate. However, sometimes my interpretation is really bad. Further challenges are deciding what is just for me and what is to be shared with others. In this process, it is important to separate the tools from the results. Tools may be used by more than one person, but results are often different for different people. So I strive to teach tools, not results. I often proceed based on my Best Guess. I recently came across a quote that expresses this well: “Our quest for certainty blocks our progress.”

I would like to tell you a personal story: I need to tell you that this is a humorous story as people often don’t expect humor from Engineers.

We had a family of five: Me, Kay, and three daughters. When our daughters were young, we did not have a TV and we would go to my parent’s house to watch their TV. One night we were leaving and as we were all pulling on our coats, our youngest daughter, Suzanne, said something that was very profound. At the time, she was about 2 years old. Suzanne held up her hand and pointing at her thumb, she said, “This is my Daddy.” (Pause) Pointing at her index finger, she said, “This is my Mommy.” (Pause) Pointing at her middle finger, she said, “This is Lisa.” (Pause) Pointing at her fourth finger, she said, (Pause) “This is Heather.” Then there was a long pause. Since it was late, I wanted to move things along so I said, pointing at her last finger, “And who is this?” She looked at me incredibly – like I should know better – and said, “That’s my little finger.”

For me, this story illustrates the importance of Perspective. We can look at the same thing and see it differently. We can experience the same thing and come to different conclusions.

The title of this talk is: Raising Our Vibrations - A Spiritual Practice

In this talk we will explore why we want to move to higher vibrations, what change is allowing us to move to higher vibrations, and a meditation to raise our vibrations.

Why would we want to move to Higher Vibrations?

The late Rev. Richard Levy said, “Teachings for children can be powerful and memorable because these teachings are simple.” Here is one of his teachings:

Richard had three bowls of increasing sizes, a large spoon, and a container of salt. He said, “Suppose I fill the first small bowl with water and add a heaping spoon of salt. How will that taste? Yuck! (Richard made a Mr. Yuck Face.) Suppose I fill the second, larger bowl with water and add a spoonful of salt. How will that taste? Not as yucky. Now suppose I fill the largest bowl with water and add a spoonful of salt. How will that taste? Not bad. So which bowl do I want to drink from?”

This is an example of life. The salt represents a bad thing. Such as trouble or an illness. People often think that spiritual work will keep the salt out of their lives. But it doesn’t. What our spiritual work does is make us bigger bowls. It makes us larger than the bad thing.

For adults, Richard (very liberal) talked about visits with his conservative relatives. He would go to there house feeling like the large bowl. They would say something that he disagreed with and as his anger built, he could feel himself getting smaller, smaller, and smaller. Until he felt that he was about the size of a shot glass!

Now think about what raising our vibration does. It makes us bigger. We can be see a bigger picture, find more options, get more help, and become much bigger than the problem. We can get in tune with our higher aspects and get help from higher beings. Rev. Patty Becker talked about the importance of doing things that make us feel expanded. That is what raising our vibration does - it makes us feel expanded.

I call raising our vibrations a Spiritual Practice because of the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. In this book, the seventh habit is called “Sharpening the Saw.” As you use a handsaw over time, it becomes dull and it takes a lot more effort to use. Eventually it can become worthless. But by sharpening it, it can be “as good as new.” Another way of saying this is, “Have you ever been too busy driving to stop for gas?” Or too busy using your cell phone to recharge the battery? How did that go?

So Spiritual Practices are important because they sharpen the saw.

What are some of your Spiritual Practices? Do they make you feel expansive?

(Walking, nature, meditation, music, yoga, Church, reading, DVDs, Life – paying attention, are some examples.)

What change is allowing us to move to higher vibrations?

As part of the shift that started in 2012, our bodies are changing from a carbon based to a crystalline-based structure. This change in our bodies requires little effort on our part. When I spoke of this in a previous talk on embracing change, I mentioned there seems to be only one part of this that is ours. We are changing because of more sources of light and more light. These are generally beyond our control. Our part is to be Happy. Changing to a crystalline-based structure will allow our body to move to higher vibrations than ever before. However, changing to these higher vibrations may require conscious choices on our part.

A Meditation to raise our vibrations

Here is a guided meditation that I have been using to raise my vibrations. There are four steps:

1. Ground

2. Connect with our Core Essence.

3. Heart Coherence

4. Jump to Higher Vibrations.

To get a better feel for this method, lets talk about each step:

1. Ground - Like a tree, we need deep roots to soar higher.

2. Connect with our core essence - Joy, Peace, Love, and other feelings.

Why do I call these feelings? Feelings are the language of the Soul.

Emotions tend to come from the Ego.

Using the words Feelings and Emotions this way can be confusing. The important thing is not the words, but that there can be different sources for what we experience. Here is a quote that I have found to be very helpful: “Words point to the truth, but they are not the truth.” - Unknown

3. Heart Coherence comes from HeartMath or BePeace – bringing heart, and mind together. This came to me in a Vision. A Vision of two circles and the feeling that this was part of the process. It is good to remember that visions or other inspirations can come to us on multiple dimensions, so it is not just what we see, but also what comes to us from other intuitive senses

4. We gather our authority and jump to Higher Vibrations – to higher levels of consciousness. We do this through intention.

During the Workshop this afternoon we will use this meditation to help raise our vibrations, so we may experience the results in our own lives. I encourage you to stay for the workshop if you can. Being together in sacred space with loving people can raise our vibrations higher and do it faster.

It is always nice to have confirmation when trying to interpret Intuitive answers. One of the things that I especially appreciate about Rev. Karen Hamilton is that she also follows her intuition in her Sunday talks. Often her talks and the words that she uses match what I have just received in Meditation. For example, she talked about being in touch with our ancestors – which opens other dimensions, about gladding our heart, letting go of things that hold us at lower vibrations, stretching our comfort zones, and many more.

In Summary:

1. Raising our vibrations, feeling expansive, being happy is very important. I consider it to be one of the most important decisions in life.

2. The change that is taking place in our bodies to a crystalline-based structure will allow us to move to a higher vibration than ever before.

3. One method to raise our vibration is through guided meditation using the method presented today. However, this is just one of many Spiritual Practices that can be used.

My father taught me that Happiness is a choice.

Choose to be happy!

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