We developed this CD to help us come from our Soul Essence. I am deeply indebted to my dear friends Gil Yslas, Niobe Weaver, Carole Glenn and the late Louise Burgan whose recordings were created for this CD. Also Chad Butler who created a didgeridoo for me that calls to the soul in the New Reality.


The liner notes are a concise description of the CD, the visions that are behind a Soul Healing Circle, what Soul Healing is, and how the CD works. Here is how the tracks are arranged and information about each track:


Beginning a New Reality (Track 1)


1. Begining a New Reality We believe that these three notes are the sacred sound of A New Reality and have developed a Meditation to use while listening to this track. This is the same recording that Carole released on a single CD.


Soul Healing Circle (Tracks 2 to 15)


2. Gathering Gil Yslas created this original composition with the intent of gathering energy and people together. This helps bring awareness to our center.


3. Song of the Soul Louise Burgan heard the angels singing and recorded their song as she sang along. When she played back the recording, she was surprised to hear only her own voice and not the 32-part choir. Using that recording, she was able to write the music and the words. Carole Glenn's voice and intent help convey this angelic essence. Notice how you feel as you listen to, or sing this song.


4. Preparing the Body Helps get any blocked energy moving.


5. Opening to Other Dimensions is the sound of a special Tibetan Bell on the right, left, and then in the middle.


6. Dissolving Clouds Around the Soul helps dissolve what is between our awareness and our Soul.


7. Meditation - The Calling See A Beginning Meditation for background and a more complete meditation. Also included on this track is The Calling, an original composition, which Gil created with the intent that it is the calling of the Soul.


8. Soul Attachment was recorded with intent that we sense our soul attachment and where it might be located (stomach, backbone, etc.). Our Best Guess is that attachment is not a positive thing and that it may be a natural consequence of living in the world. Tracks 13 and 14 are intended to dissolve this attachment.


9. Feeling the Soul is intended to help us feel our Soul.


10. Feeling the Soul, Too is a different recording with the same intent.


11. Centering the Soul is intended to center the Soul in the body and to help us become aware of where that center is at this time.


12. Soul Light is an original composition by Niobe using quartz crystal singing bowls and her voice with the intention to sing the sacred melody of the light within, the light of the Soul. Creating this composition encouraged Niobe to create her Soulight CD with this and other original compositions.


13. Releasing the Soul is intended to dissolve soul attachment or other things that are keeping the Soul from soaring.


14. Releasing the Soul, Too is a different recording with the same intent.


15. Peace Fills Our Hearts is an original composition by Carole Glenn that helps bring out the peace that we have inside to complete the process of Soul Healing. This is the same recording that Carole released on a single CD.


Moving Beyond (Tracks 16 to 19)


16. Losing Awareness of Self is intended to help us move beyond the Soul to Spirit by concentration on the constant sound in the background of the changing overtones of the didgeridoo. At some point the constant sound can become what we are aware of, and the overtones become the background. The 17-second silence at the end of this track provides an opportunity to be aware of the connection to Spirit without the didgeridoo.


17. Losing Awareness of Self, Too is a different recording with the same intent.


18. The Cosmos is intended to remind us that even in the physical we are part of a greater whole and to move our awareness beyond what we know.


19. For My Space Buddies is a gift intended to acknowledge their presence and participation in the shifts taking place.

Intention was carefully held while making these recordings. We believe that this is very important for both the recording artists and for the listeners. We know that this CD works for us and has worked for others.


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