This is included on the inside of the CD cover. While it is here for the people who downloaded the CD, it can be valuable for anyone:


The Soul Healing Circle comes from a vision that we were created when sparks spun off of the Divine. Within each of us is this spark, our Soul Essence. It is who we are created to be. However with time, our Soul Essence has become hidden from us and we may no longer feel or hear it. Thus, Soul Healing is not about fixing something that is broken; it is about connecting with the perfection within.


Sound can heal body, mind, and spirit. It can also help us connect to other dimensions and other realities. Soul Healing Circle uses sound that has been composed and played with specific intention to create an energy field at a soul level. This energy field becomes stronger each time, so those from before help you and you will help those that follow. We are not alone.


The didgeridoo is played without melody or rhythm. This keeps the mind from locking in and allows listening to the same track over and over again with different results. The sound of the didgeridoo encourages blocked energy to flow, causing a deeper awareness. This flow of energy can continue for days, and results will come over time and not just while listening.


Feelings are the language of the soul, so pay particular attention to your feelings.


Additional information is available on our website (www.2012NBeyond.com). Please visit it. The website allows us to update the information and is a link for all of us. We recommend listening to this CD using headphones. Experiment to find what works for you. If you fall asleep or lose consciousness while listening, no worries: conscious participation is not required!


Blessings on your journey from Doctor Gale (Gale Gray), and his wonderful friends who helped create this CD.


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