Meditation - Theta

Before you start, be sure that you can quickly reach Alpha using a More Advanced Method, like simply counting down from 3 to 1. If you cannot do this, practice for several days until reaching Alpha becomes quick and easy. This is an important step for going deeper.

A Method to Reach Theta

One characteristic of Theta and deeper levels is the feeling that you do not want to leave it, because it feels so good. Another characteristic can be to enter into a sleep like state. Sometimes we do simply fall asleep, but at other times, we enter a state where something happens, but we are not consciously aware of it. The difference can be determined by how quickly you regain consciousness and how you feel. If you slowly regain consciousness and feel like you woke up from a nap, you probably did fall asleep. However, if you suddenly regain consciousness and do not feel like you were asleep, you most likely were not. As one of the authors heard in meditation about this sleep like state, “your conscious participation is not required.” Our Best Guess is that information is being downloaded or changes are taking place in our energy fields. Once in awhile there is a general overall physical feeling of soreness right after this sleep like state. As more that one person has said, “I feel like I have been run over by a truck.” This can be like the feeling a day after a lot of physical exercise, and like a good workout, it can bring beneficial results. This feeling usually goes away within an hour. In both cases (not wanting to leave meditation and entering a sleep like state), we naturally regain conscious awareness and return to our lives. However, meditation should bring us positive results and help us, not become an addictive end in itself nor leave us feeling worse over time. The changes brought about by deeper meditation may be subtle or sudden, there is no one pattern, however time in meditation is never wasted. It is important to Maintain our Perspective (First Level) and recognize what works for each of us over time.

Be Cautious after Deep Meditation Levels

It is not necessary to go to Theta every time you meditate, nor even very often. However, as you spend time in Theta, you can reach it more quickly and easily and become aware that Joy, Peace, and other things that we seek in the World, are already inside us.

There is a poem by Rumi that seems to fit Theta.

The authors have had experience with Theta over many years, and among other things, it seems to be supportive of the renewal of our emotional body. Alpha and Theta have been used to consciously facilitate mental, emotional and physical healing for many people.

While it is not necessary to go to Theta to be aware of the Future Self, it seems like reaching the Theta level of commitment is an appropriate time to use this meditation:

A Meditation to Contact the Future Self


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