Who We Are

In1977, Gale and Kay Gray took a meditation class from June d'Estelle. June's meditation work soon became the center of their spiritual journey as they discovered people and information that changed their lives. Serendipity Seminars was started about 1987, when Gale and Kay decided that it was time to share their information through seminars. This work has expanded beyond seminars but their approach has remained the same, to use simple methods and simple teachings to share what they have learned with others. Their goal is to make a difference. About 1993, Carole Glenn joined them in this work, bringing her skills as a teacher and musician.

In 2003, Gale started learning to play the didgeridoo and that has added a new dimension to his work. He decided to use the name Doctor Gale when he started recording in 2008, because this work is about healing and how the sound of the didgeridoo can affect us, rather than about using it for entertainment.

In recent years, the focus of Serendipity Seminars has been a free Workshop on the web. The purpose of this Workshop is to help prepare for the shift popularly called 2012. However, the workshop will be useful for long after the actual year 2012. Our goal is to make as much of our work available via the web as possible.

Our journey has been to discover unique information and to find ways to make it practical. This is first done by finding out how to make it practical for us and then, through developing and conducting events, finding out what works for others. The final step is putting that on the web so that it is available to everyone.

This website contains a section devoted to our Unique Information. So those who want dig deeper can do that here. It is also where we describe our events and keep our current schedule. If you are interested in doing our work on the web, go to our other website (www.2012NBeyond.com).

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