Judith Conrad, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Coaching, www.eugeneintuitive.com

Carole Glenn (for Dr. June d'Estelle), Meditation Classes, www.alohem.org (If the website is unavailable, contact Carole directly for class information.)

Shelor Duffee, Embracing the Elementals; Cards, intuitive readings, www.TheSacredOnes.com

Joyce Gedeon, Channeling and more, www.joycegedeon.com (This website contains free live channelings with Ashtar and other masters), email: joy_zhel@yahoo.com, 540-456-6123

Antonia Albano, Spiritual events and retreats in Virginia. Including a yearly Celebration of Love in February (around St. Valentine's Day). www.AntoniaAlbano.com

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