A New Reality (My “Best Guess” - Gale)

My introduction to a New Reality was through visions. The New Reality appears to be above and separate from the Old Reality. The Old Reality is based on Fear and Separation. The New Reality is based on Love and Oneness. In general, “new” Souls coming into the World have more physic ability and new gifts. They are in the New Reality and are prepared to be successful in it. This has been happening for sometime, so the World is moving toward the New Reality.

For those in the Old Reality, one indication of this New Reality can be the color lavender or related shades of purple. For example, people see or somehow notice this color and are can be drawn to it. For example, wear purple, paint rooms purple, use lavender oils, and even eat purple food.

A sacred sound of the Old Reality is Om. A sacred sound of the New Reality is three notes. These are recorded in the first track of my CD, Soul Healing with the Didgeridoo. Listening to this track (Beginning a New Reality) can help move out of the Old Reality into the new Reality. The New Reality is a higher vibration, so we may feel our vibration increasing or have the feeling of moving upward.

The New Reality is right here. That is, we are not bringing it in from somewhere else or going somewhere to find it. We need to change our perception (raise our vibration) to experience it. This is easier to do when we are relaxed and at ease.

These Realities can be thought of as two separate trains in a train station. At some point, the two realities may separate; the trains may pull out. It will not be possible to switch from one to the other. So we want to be sure which train we are on.

Just as it is possible to move from the Old Reality to the, it is possible to slip from the New Reality into the Old. So we have a task not only to move into the New Reality, but also to help others, especially younger souls to stay in the New Reality. Experiencing the Old Reality can be very difficult for “new” souls, sometimes very painful. Even to the point that they commit suicide.

I have noticed three groups. Souls born into the Old Reality, souls born into the New Reality, and souls that were born in between. Each has physic abilities and gifts to help us move into the New Reality. The challenge can be to learn to work with and appreciate people in a different group.

Here is a New Reality Meditation to help move into the New Reality.

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