Soul Vibration

The Soul Vibration is an energy that the Soul radiates through time and space. This vibration is a function of the Soul's connection to Spirit. Higher beings seem to have a symmetrical vibration with Jesus having a complete vibration in the first five dimensions.

In his Thesis for a Master of Transformational Studies Degree, Gale discussed how he discovered and investigated the Soul Vibration. Here is his Masters Thesis.

The title of his Dissertation for a Doctor of Applied Spiritual Studies Degree is Seminars that Change the Soul Vibration. These seminars are now incorporated in the Second Level of the Free Workshop on the web. To change your Soul Vibration (increase your connection to Spirit), go to that website. Once the Soul Vibration is changed, this change is usually permanent. How permanent, factors that might cause it to change back, and what can be done, were included in his dissertation. Here is his Doctors Dissertation (Partial).

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