Proton Alignment

I had a chance to purchase a Bionic BandŽ and asked my intuition if aligning protons was beneficial for me, and the answer was yes. I asked my intuition if the band would work for me and the answer was also yes. However, my intuitive answer was to buy one for my wife, but not one for me. I found these answers interesting and somewhat puzzling. Eventually I concluded that I needed to find a different way than the band to align my protons and meditation came to mind.


I was traveling at the time and would not see my wife for a while, so after purchasing the Bionic BandŽ, I tried wearing it for several days. I then meditated and asked my intuition what my level of alignment was. The answer was 100%. I then meditated without the band and held the intention of aligning my protons. I found that I could easily reach a level of 100%. As I went about my day, this level dropped lower, but I could easily return it to 100% by holding the intention. Eventually I increased the alignment until I reached 500%. This too would slowly drop lower as time when on. However, the drop was very sudden and very large if I experienced strong emotions such as anger.


After establishing 500% consistently for some time, I assigned the t

ask to my subconscious mind. Whenever I have checked since then, my alignment level has been 500%, even after strong emotions.




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