An Overview

Almost all of what we present is original work. Original means that it has come through meditation, inspiration, and seeing information in new ways. It has been developed through personal experience and presenting seminars, workshops, talks, etc. Often confirmation has included psychic feedback from intuitive people using tools such as aura readings. Whenever we include the work of others we work to credit the source and seek permission when appropriate.


Since we are often working in the area of the unknown, we work using our Best Guess. As our experience increases, we gain confidence and more information. Here is Gale’s path of increasing experience:


Theory (Best Guess and/or information from a source)

Works for me

Works for some

Works for many

Works for everyone I encounter


For example: Gale gets an idea, a vision, some information, etc. Often this involves Best Guess. He then tries it and finds out if it works for him. If it does, he can then find if it works for other people and with time finds out when it works, and when it does not work. There is also another factor that builds confidence over time. This is what comes into his life. It can be what he hears, reads, or sees. As he becomes aware of a possibility, he may encounter a person, book, video, meditation, or something, which confirms or expands on the possibility.


In saying this is original work, that does not mean that it may not have been inspired elsewhere. It means that we have not found another identified source. For example, after Gale developed turning Chakras into Spheres, a friend mentioned that he had heard of a meditation along those lines, but could not remember where or when. So while we claim this as original work, we do not claim that it is exclusively ours, in fact, in the Legal Notes we make it available to everyone within our guidelines.


Please contact us if you wish more to know about our intention or our confidence in what is presented on our websites.

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