New Chakras

The idea to open new chakras came from an inspiration. In working with the Soul, it seemed like the connection with the Soul would be stronger, if it had its own chakra. The chakra that I felt my Soul coming through was the Heart Chakra. So it made sense to start there. In focusing on my Heart Chakra in meditation, the visual that I got was that there were two new chakras created. I had expected only one new one. Two just seemed to happen and they seemed to be new, not just a splitting of the Heart Chakra. Because of a vision during the meditation of opening these new chakras, I moved the Soul Chakra to the center, by moving the Heart Chakra out in front (lower) and the Universe Chakra behind (higher). The new chakras and their arrangement were confirmed by an aura reading.

From this experience I concluded that the Heart Chakra has at least three main functions:

1. It is the center for Love.

2. It is the connection to the Soul.

3. It is the connection to infinite possibilities.

Over time, this meditation and arrangement has also worked for others. During the meditation, some have reported that they experienced a lot of energy in their Heart Chakra and that this energy was relieved when the two new chakras were opened.

One complication of this approach is that not everyone feels that their soul is centered in their heart. I discovered this when helping others to experience their Soul and their Soul Essence. I had one person get the inspiration to move the center of their Soul from where they felt it was (Solar Plexus) to the Heart. They asked for help so we did this and it felt right to both of us. Note that I speak of the location of the center of the Soul. The Jewish tradition is that the Soul is larger than the body and I find the people sometimes experience this. So rather than speak of the location of the Soul, I speak of the center of the Soul.

Based on my own experience, and research by HeartMath, the heart is a connection to GOD (Source). However, other chakras are also connected to GOD and (although I have not be asked to do it) I suspect that the center of the Soul could also be moved from any chakra to any other chakra. All of this is of less importance once the chakras have been centered.

In a similar manner, I was inspired to open more chakras, those above my body and those below. My perception is that there can be a lot of chakras. I have also helped others open new chakras above and below the body, but I do not have enough experience to know if the order that I found is also the order for everyone else. Again, this is of less importance once the chakras have been centered.

So my conclusion is that it is more important to open new chakras and to center all of them, than it is to be concerned about their order or location.

Gale Gray

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