New Aura Bands

Most people have seven major chakras and seven aura bands. After increasing the number of chakras to nine, we found that the number of aura bands can also be increased to nine. Consciously working on this seems to speed the process. There are new aura bands. That is, they are not split bands. (Also the chakras are new, not somehow part of an existing chakra.)


The importance of having more aura bands comes from the observation that things generally appear first in the aura before they come into the physical and related dimensions. So increasing the bands can increase the possibilities for change.


While our result implies a one-to-one correspondence between the chakras and the aura bands, it is not clear that this is true. That is because aura bands are not easily seen (many of us don’t see them at all) and they are ethereal (see through) and merge. This makes it difficult to determine aura boundaries. While chakras are also not easily seen, it is easier to detect them (visually or by feeling) because they are at specific locations.


Trying to determine the relationship between the chakras and aura bands becomes less important after centering the chakras and perhaps even less important after turning the chakras to spheres. Our conclusion is that it is more important to focus on opening new chakras/spheres because the aura seems to follow and adjust automatically.


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