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(The Alohem are said to be the closest to The ALL.)


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Do you seek proven methods to achieve life mastery through the awakening of the immense power of your own intuitive mind and spirit? Would you like to improve your skills and confidence in managing your life? Do you wish to become more aware of your spiritual connections?


Alohem Transformational Seminars, formerly known as the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies, lead to desired lifestyle changes and spiritual awareness, making life easier, joyful, and more fulfilling. The group is no longer a not-for-profit organization.


Alohem Transformational Seminars offer guidance on various levels of intuitive learning and mastery and help participants to discover expanded consciousness, personal transformation and integrative wellness. Our uniquely powerful series of guided-meditation workshops uses time-honored techniques to assist participants with broadening their own intuitive awareness, the source of all creativity and innate knowing.