Script for Soul Healing with the Didgeridoo


This script provides detailed information and expands possible uses of the CD. For example, you can seek out and listen to a special sound, or read a spoken narration.


Special Sounds


Chimes: For Clarity


Tibetan Bell: Can connect us to Other Dimensions


Key: Track Number Title Narration Special Sounds (Time)


1 Beginning a New Reality None Chimes (5:31)


2 Gathering None (6:08)


3 Song of the Soul None (3:18)


4 Preparing the Body None (3:36)


5 Opening to Other Dimensions "The Sound of the Bell comes from nowhere and goes everywhere." Tibetan Bell (0:38)


6 Dissolving Clouds Around the Soul "On a Clear Day you can see forever." (2:40)


7 Meditation - The Calling Meditation (5:38)


8 Soul Attachment "Is your Soul tethered?” (2:26)


9 Feeling the Soul "Feelings are the Language of the Soul” (1:47)


10 Feeling the Soul, Too "Listen for the feeling of your Soul.” (2:22)


11 Centering the Soul "Feel the Center of your Soul." (2:34)


12 Soul Light None (8:10)


13 Releasing the Soul "Untether your Soul” (2:10)


14 Releasing the Soul, Too "Let your Soul Soar" (2:28)


15 Peace Fills Our Hearts None (2:31)


16 Losing Awareness of Self “Become the Sound” (3:34)


17 Losing Awareness of Self, Too "The River of Consciousness flows into the Sea” (2:36)


18 The Cosmos “We are part of the Cosmos " (2:40)


19 For My Space Buddies “The best is yet to come.” (2:58)


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