Close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold it, and then let it out slowly. Take a second deep breath, hold it, and let it out slowly. Then take a third deep breath, hold it, and then let it out at your own time and pace.

Relax. It is a wonderful thing to be deeply relaxed. Take a deep breath and go deeper.


1. Open your heart to Love. Some possibilities are to think of loved ones, the kindness of others, or a time when you felt unconditional love.

2. Open your awareness to Oneness. One with loved ones, friends and, then beyond that.

3. Everything is intent and light. This can be called the Quantum Field. As we become aware of Love and Oneness we can become more of who we are and this starts to affect the Quantum Field. If you choose to accept this change in the Quantum Field then it can increase the change in you, thus moving this process into an upward spiral.

4. Check all of your inner senses.

5. As you do this, you may experience or see the color lavender, or a light purple at the inner level.

6. If you open your eyes, you may sense that the physical as slightly different. Close your eyes again if you start to lose that sense.

7. End with an attitude of gratitude. This can be a simple thank you, a prayer from your tradition, or whatever feels right to you.

Meditation Support

The following can be used with the above meditation to enhance and deepen the experience:

The track, Beginning A New Reality on the CD, Soul Healing with the Didgeridoo.

The tracks, Love and Infinite Divine Oneness on the CD, Mystic Sound of the Didgeridoo.

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