Here is what we included inside of the CD cover. While we have included it here for the people who download the CD, it can be valuable for anyone:


Throughout history, sound has been used to heal body, mind, and spirit. This recording combines healing sounds from three continents: a didgeridoo from Australia, bells from Tibet, and a chime from North America. Doctor Gale followed his inner guidance to record pure Intention with sound and the spoken word. Try consciously focusing on your own Intention while listening.


The tracks on this recording have no melody or rhythm. A key element in the healing process is to listen to the same track over and over, allowing changes with each repetition.


The sound of the didgeridoo encourages blocked energy to flow, causing a deeper awareness of self. This flow of energy can continue for days, and results will come over time, not just while listening.


To make changes in your life, consider how your life is going and what you are feeling at this time. Sit quietly and listen to any tracks that seem to apply to your life. Close your eyes and allow the sound to wash over you, allowing your mind to flow with the sounds. You may benefit by using headphones or an iPod.


Pay attention to your reactions to the spoken word, to the sounds, energy flow, and how you feel. Repeatedly listening to specific tracks that pertain to your life will encourage change. Try more than just the track that you think applies. For example, the healing of physical pain may also involve healing emotions and healing the past.


Allow your intuition to guide you to specific tracks. Although this may feel awkward at first, developing the skill of making intuitive choices is the major goal of our workshop. While logical choice works, intuitive choices are magical, amazing, and ultimately more powerful.


Experiment to find techniques that work for you. Like a good tool, finding the right technique, keeping it handy, and using it at the right time can make a big difference. To learn more about using this recording and about Doctor Gale (Gale Gray), please visit Serendipity Seminars.


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