Mystic Sound of the Didgeridoo CD

This script provides detailed information and expands possible uses of the CD. For example, you can seek out and listen to a special sound, or read a spoken narration.

Special Sounds

Bell #1: Can connect us to Other Dimensions

Bell #2: Amen (Closure)

Tingshaw #1: Clears Out Unnecessary Energy

Tingshaw # 2: Clears Out Unnecessary Energy with Closure

Chime: Clarity

Key: Track Number Title Narration Special Sounds Segments* (Time)

1 Preparing for Change None Tingshaw #1 at start 1 (2:12)

2 Intent None Bell #1 at start 1 (2:46)

3 Fear "Inside yourself is strength. Find it. Be it." None 2 (3:50)

4 Sadness or Depression "Recognize when you are in a hole, stop digging, and climb out. This may involve asking for help." Tingshaw #1 at end 2 (4:58)

5 Timing "Know what is to be done now. Set the rest aside." None 1 (3:00)

6 Perspective "How can I see this differently? Remember, GOD is in charge." Bell #1 in the middle 2 (3:20)

7 Anger "Would you rather be right, or happy?" Tingshaw #2 at end 1 (2:34)

8 Distractions "Before you climb the ladder of success, be sure that it is leaning against the right wall." Chime at end 1 (1:54)

9 Physical Healing "The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." None 1 (1:42)

10 Healing the Mind "The purpose of the heart is to catch the vision. The purpose of the mind is to make the vision become a reality." None 1 (1:34)

11 Healing Emotions "Feel your emotions. Do not allow them to take control of your actions." Tingshaw #1 start and end 1 (1:30)

12 Healing the Spirit "For your pure essence, seek deep inside yourself and then, let go of anything in-between." None 1 (1:04)

13 Healing the Past "Surrender the illusion of a better past." None 1 (2:23)

14 Love "Love conquers all; if we allow it. (End) Love, is the answer." None 1 (1:40)

15 Good "There is Good in all things. Seek, and you shall find." None 1 (2:24)

16 Peace "Peace is a natural part of who we are. Find the peace within you. Be it, and you share it with the World." Two Didgeridoos at the same time Chime at end 1 (2:16)

17 Spirit "There is within you, a light, the essence of pure spirit. Shine your light, let it shine." None 1 (2:12)

18 Infinite Divine ONENESS "Infinite Divine ONENESS" Bell 2 at end 1 (2:44)

19 Eternity None Bell 2 at end 1 (3:42)

20 Integrating Change None Tinkshaw 2 at end 1 (3:06)

*Segments are the number of didgeridoo recordings on one track. Tracks with two recordings are intended to approach healing in two different ways.

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