Healing Methods Using the Didgeridoo

Here are the ways that Gale has found to use the didgeridoo, as well as the CD Tracks with these techniques:

1. Connect with a person and then play whatever sound comes through. (Bringing out what is there by getting energy moving and peeling away what is not needed.) The sound is related to the person and sometimes Gale has no idea how he is making the sound - it just flows through. While this is best in person, and in the moment, Tracks 1 to 13 on the beige CD (Mystic Sound of the Didgeridoo) do this.


2. Injuries, surgeries, and similar trauma can create energy blocks. The didgeridoo can get this energy moving. Sometimes the block is not in the area that we would expect and it might be from stored emotion rather than physical energy. Tracks 9, 11, and 13 on the beige CD do this.


3. Gale has a didgeridoo that was custom made to affect Soul Energy. Chad Butler specially made this didgeridoo for him in the key of G. The sound of this didgeridoo calls to our Soul. Not just in this reality, but also in the new reality. This helps us connect with the light inside. Tracks 2 to 15 on the lavender CD (Soul Healing with the Didgeridoo) help us get in touch with our Soul Energy.


4. Once we are in touch with our Soul, the didgeridoo can help this Soul Energy flow into the world. This is done in person, and in the moment.


5. Each didgeridoo has a fundamental note that can be very subtle and is underneath the overtones (it is the deepest note). The overtones are what we usually listen to. If we listen very carefully for this note and focus on it, it can be like a mantra and draw us deeper in meditation. This is like life, where there is much going on but if we go deeper we can become aware of the underlying presence of Spirit. The way that Gale plays the didgeridoo makes this note a continuous sound. It is said that when we became aware of self, that is when we separated from the ONE. So if we can reverse that, if we can lose awareness of self, we can move back into the ONE. Tracks 16 and 17 (Losing Awareness of Self) on the lavender CD were recorded specifically for this purpose.


6. We also have energy connections with others. The didgeridoo can affect blocks in those connections, and allow the energy to move. This can help heal relationships including karmic ones. While best in person, and in the moment, listening together to Tracks 1 - 13 on the beige CD can do this. While listening, it is recommended that the two people sit close enough to each other that they could reach out and hold hands. This insures that the field between them is strong and available for healing.


7. The didgeridoo can bring in energy. Holding an intention while playing can bring in specific energy. This includes both the didgeridoo player, and you. So it is good to start with the same intention. This is one of the purposes of the title of the tracks and the spoken word recorded on a track. Tracks 14 to 17 of the beige CD do this.


8. When Gale plays the didgeridoo for someone, there can be a flash or flashes from inside that fill the aura. He calls this Activation. Energy in the aura can eventually move into our bodies (mental, spiritual, physical, etc.), so Activation allows us to have this new energy when we need it. This is done in person, and in the moment.


9. Gale also plays for the Future. This can untangle energy knots or blocks, which helps energy flow smoothly. Generally, our future lies in front of us, so that is where Gale points the didgeridoo. This is done in person, and in the moment.


10. Sound can open us up to feeling all over – so that we can receive higher frequencies. In life we tend to tune frequencies out, to separate ourselves for protection. The sound of the didgeridoo, played with intention, can help us experience and move in the flow of higher frequencies.

As new methods are discovered, they are added to this list.

You are free to copy and share this information with others. Please include that it came from this website: www.SerendipitySeminars.com and/or from Doctor Gale.

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