The basic teaching of the First Level of our workshop is to use intuition to make decisions. However, using intuition is difficult or even impossible when we are caught up in emotion. Emotion can overpower our awareness and take over. This CD can move the energy of emotion and help us come back into balance. Emotion that might take days to work through can be gone in minutes.


Most people do not know that, along with the sound, recordings include Intentions (emotions). So the highest Intention was carefully held at all stages in making these recordings. We believe that this is very important for listeners. This CD was made to create positive changes. So pay less attention to how it sounds and more to how you feel.


The liner notes are a concise description of the CD, how it works, how to use it, and when to use it. Rereading the liner notes from time-to-time is recommended. Here is how the tracks are arranged and information about each track:


Opening (Tracks 1 and 2)


1. Preparing for Change This track sets the intention of change.


2. Intent The vision held (while recording) was of the highest intent from Spirit and then aligning our intent with this highest intent.


Healing Negative Emotions/Feelings (Tracks 3 to 8)


3. Fear One of our most important tasks was to find a way to dissipate fear. This track does that while reinforcing awareness and connection with the strength inside.


4. Sadness or Depression These can completely take over. The vision held (while recording) was being in a hole so that all is darkness and then rising out of the hole to the world of light, space, and life. This vision was provided by a young man whose life was forever altered because of depression.


5. Timing The vision held (while recording) was being on the peak of the mountain holding what is important. What is not as important is then shifted to lower positions on either side of the peak.


6. Perspective In the middle of two didge recordings is the bell that opens up our awareness to other dimensions. Using this track in combination with other

tracks can be very powerful.


7. Anger This is another emotion that can really take over. Gale can testify that this track really works - when he remembers to use it.


8. Distractions One of the biggest challenges to following our spiritual path is to identify what is really important and to focus on it. This is particularly true in the West where the culture offers so many distractions. This track helps remind us of the importance of knowing what is important and it also helps reduce the energy of distractions.


Healing (Tracks 9 to 13)


9. Physical Healing Everything seems to play out in the physical where pain and suffering get our attention. While this track helps with our natural healing force, there are many other factors that can affect the physical. For more information, see the Second Secret (First Level).


10. Healing the Mind The mind keeps very busy figuring things out, so much so that it can take over. This track contacts us with the purpose of the mind and brings the mind into balance.


11. Healing the Emotions Emotions have great energy and it is important to release this energy in useful ways. This track takes advantage of the sound of the didgeridoo to move energy in healthy ways.


12. Healing the Spirit A better description than healing would be getting in touch with the perfection within.


13. Healing the Past This can include all that is past which could include the past of our parents, others, and even what some call Karma.


Building Positive Feelings (Tracks 14 to 17)


14. Love Love is the powerful energy that flows to us and through us. This track helps move energy blocks to that flow.


15. Good A reminder to look for Good. This track helps move energy blocks to that awareness.


16. Peace The only track with two didgeridoos (one on the left and one on the right). These can represent conflict and the eventual blending of the didgeridoos helps lead to an opening where Peace can flow. Sometimes awareness of this Peace does not come at the end of the track; in fact, we may even feel less peaceful. However, the effect of any track may continue for days, so when you use this track, look for deep Peace over time.


17. Spirit A reminder of the light that we have inside and to let it shine. This track helps move energy blocks that affect our light.


Moving Beyond (Tracks 18 and 19)


18. Infinite Divine Oneness This track builds awareness of the presence that connects us with everything. This also helps open the road to the next track.


19. Eternity That which is beyond the Universe and also deep, deep inside, the unchanging truth behind everything.


Keeping It (Track 20)


20. Integrating Change This track sets the intention of keeping changes.


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