Vortex/Stargate Gathering

There is a Vortex at Gale and Kay’s place. It was there when they bought the property, but it was in the middle of an existing road. Using the rock from the Vortex at their Farm, Gale moved it to a secluded location. A Vortex can be used to open a Portal. With help from others, Gale has created a Portal to the Stars. The Vortex is active all the time (the one at the Farm was only active at certain times). Gale can open the Stargate and currently he only opens it when he is physically there. There is also a Celestial Portal overhead. Not much is known about it, so help us discover its magic.


The gathering will start at Gale and Kay’s house with a meditation. Then we will walk to the Vortex/Stargate. After spending time there, we will return to the house for a potluck lunch. This is an important step as grounding may be necessary after the experience and food is a good way to ground. Anyone is welcome to come to the gathering and if you happen to forget to bring food, come anyway as there is always enough.


The results of being at the Vortex/Stargate vary between individuals and are usually not the same each time. Part of the experience is being in a group, although you may arrange to return on your own at other times. These gatherings are open to anyone who is interested.


Caution: Vortexes can accelerate and increase experiences and emotions. It is not recommended that you attend if you are feeling negative emotions (such as sadness) or if you are confused.


Parking at Gale and Kay’s house is limited, so please carpool if possible. Parking is also available in the field at the north end of their property.


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