The Mystical Didgeridoo

Although the didgeridoo is considered to be the oldest woodwind instrument in the world, it has now become popular outside of Australia. As a music instrument, many people are entertained by its unique and powerful sound. And many performers are using it alone or with other instruments for musical entertainment. However, the sound of the didgeridoo is also ideal for mystical uses such as Healing and Meditation.

As a Mystic, Gale specializes in playing the didgeridoo in ways that increase its power. In this event, he will play the didgeridoo to emphasize the ways that the sound can be used to affect change. This is not a concert or musical performance but the use of sound to support positive change.

The didgeridoo has the power to get energy moving, especially when it is played with intention and focus. That is exactly what Gale will do, energy will shift and new doors can open.

In addition to playing the sounds that fit the group, Gale will play individual sounds that are needed in the moment. This can bring unexpected and surprising results. All that is necessary is for you to show up!

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