Mastership is a meditation retreat held four times a year, for four or five days. The Purpose of Mastership is to create a sacred space in which the combined energies of the participants provide access to the highest levels of wisdom, joy, guidance and unconditional love. This is done by creating and maintaining sacred space for meditation. And also by maintaining deep, loving connections with each other and with high beings such as the Alohem. It has been said that the Alohem are the closest beings to the All (Spirit, or GOD). The Mastership retreat was established by Dr. June d’Estelle and is continued by the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies. Currently the meditations during Mastership are being led by Gale Gray.


To attend Mastership, one must have completed a series of Alohem meditation classes. To arrange to take these classes, or determine your eligibility contact Carole Glenn. More information may be found at www.Alohem.org.



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