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Introduction to the Third Level

Site Map for the Third Level

Prophecy 3

You Must Start Living Your Truth

Aliens Are Out There

Galactic Federation Update

Ascension For All

How The Shift Will Happen

A Window To The Future

New Experiences

New “2012” Experiences

The Emergence of a New Reality

Aware of Our Place on Earth

Aware of Our Place in the Universe

Why More Contact?

How Does It Take Place?

What to Do If Contacted

Ashtar, An Example

New Chakras and New Dimensions

Filling Out The Soul Vibration

Meditation - Delta

Moving Beyond the Matrix (not done)

Remove excess Ego (not done)

Centering and Changing the Chakras

Centering the Chakras

Right Size

Changing Chakras to Spheres

Advantages of Centering/Spheres

Strengthening the Spheres

A List of Gale's Spheres

Meditation - Gamma

A Method to Reach Gamma

Gamma Exercise #1

Gamma Exercise #2

Filling with Spirit (Displacing Ego)

Seeing as Spirit

Making a Solid Connection with Spirit

Starting The Shift

Proton Alignment

Aligning Our Protons

Proton Alignment and Health

Aligning Spin

Increasing the Soul Essence

Soul Union

Finding the Soul

Consciously Connecting

Stepping into the New Reality

Creating (not done)

Defining Creating (not done)

Consciously Creating (not done)

Moving to New Levels of Creating (not done)


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