Keeping The Changes

At the Second Level, there are two important changes that take place:

1. Changing the Soul Vibration by having a more complete connection.

2. Opening two new Chakras and changing the location and function of the Heart Chakra.

Over time, we have observed some things about the permanence of these changes:

1. The changed Soul Vibration stays the same even after death and into our next existence. So this is one thing that we can take with us.

2. The Soul Vibration can change back to the Soul Vibration that we had before the change. When this happens, it seems to be due to very intense emotion, severe adversity, or anesthetic during surgery. This does not always happen under these conditions, and it is difficult to determine the actual reason. The important thing is that the Soul Vibration can easily and quickly be changed back to that of the more complete connection. If you believe that your Soul Vibration has reverted, and want it changed again, please contact us.

3. Opening the Soul and Universe Chakra is relatively new work and we have not had as much experience with it. However, it has been observed that these chakras can start to close and the Heart Chakra shift back. It is not clear why this was happening, but again, this can easily be changed. If you believe that this is happening, and want it changed, please contact us.

4. There has not been enough time to find out if and what part of the chakra changes is permanent.

Overall: The general conclusion that we have reached is that these changes are to help us with our Spiritual work: if we do not continue to follow our spiritual path, these changes will start to reverse. This does not include the distractions and challenges that we face in our daily lives, but rather a prolonged movement away from our Spiritual Path. This would not be a conscious decision not to follow ones Spiritual Path, but more likely noticing this situation a number of times and not making the conscious decision and taking action to return to ones Spiritual Path. This is based on observing others and is not meant as judging them, but instead is intended to be information to help us exercise good judgment for ourselves.

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