Putting It All Together

Before moving on the Third Level, it is important to summarize what we feel are the important points of the workshop:

Develop the confidence and skill to find, and use intuitive methods for life decisions (First Level). Use this skill to:

Consider buying or downloading a copy of the CDs offered as part of this workshop.

Make life decisions on where to live, what to do, and where to go before and after 2012 - 2115 (at this time it seems to us that what is referred as 2012 may be about 3 years of major change). Some of these changes are already happening and will some changes will be at different times for different people. Do not wait to use intuitive methods for life decisions (First Level).

Make decisions on important parts of your spiritual journey. Such as: Meditation

Decide to contact us to make the following changes:

A More Complete Connection to Spirit (Second Level)

Open two New Chakras (Second Level)

Decide if and when to continue to Level Three of this workshop.


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